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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
10 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Liberia - child sponsorship

Liberia is a country in recovery. Civil war and failed government have ravaged its people and economy for over two decades. Over 200,000 people died in the conflict, and many, especially the educated, wealthy elite, fled the country. Some have returned since 2006, when the democratically elected government was sworn in. Sponsor a child in Liberia here _________________________________________
10 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Malawi - child sponsorship

Malawi is one of Africa's poorest countries. It suffers from inadequate education, health and farming infrastructure. 84,000 people die of AIDS each year, and the life expectancy is very low indeed. Almost 40% of Malawi's population is illiterate, and the school drop-out rate is high. It is a country largely made up of farmers, and yet many people cannot get access to sufficient land. Farming is also hampered by both persistent droughts and flooding. Sponsor a child in Malawi _________________________________________
10 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Mozambique - child sponsorship

After Mozambique's war of independence with Portugal, it entered a gruelling twenty-year period of civil war. The ruling Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) party officially laid aside its Marxist ideology in 1989, and multi-party elections were held the following year. Support the vital work of ActionAid today, and sponsor a child in Mozambique here _________________________________________
9 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Ghana with Action Aid - child sponsorship

While Ghana is, in some senses, one of Africa's success stories, it is still a very poor country where many people lack basic health, education and agricultural provisions. The average life expectancy is 58% years, one in ten children die before their fifth birthday and 40% of people are illiterate.Sponsor a child in Ghana here now. _________________________________________
9 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Burkina Faso - Child sponsorship

Burkina Faso is one of the world's poorest countries. This is due to a variety of factors, foremost of which are the drought conditions which regularly occur, and the turbulence of the political scene.Sponsor a child here today _________________________________________
9 Feb 2008

Sponsor a child in Burundi - child sponsorship

In Burundi, the struggle for power between the dominant Tutsi minority and the Hutu majority has resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 people and the displacement of 250,000. Sponsor a child in Burundi here _________________________________________
5 Feb 2008

Adopt a Barbary lion - lion adoption and sponsorship

Adopt or sponsor a lion

The Barbary, or Atlas Lion, is now extinct in the wild. The Aspinall Foundation, at their Port Lympne reserve, look after several dozen of them, and they desperately need your help in looking after what is one of the largest groups of these animals that remain in captivity. Adopt a lion here _________________________________________
5 Feb 2008

Adopt a Siberian tiger - tiger adoption is not for the fainthearted

Adopt or sponsor a tiger

Tigers are facing extinction but you can adopt or sponsor Tugar, a spectacular looking tiger who was raised in captivity at Port Lympne, as a great gift. _________________________________________
5 Feb 2008

Adopt a grizzled leaf monkey - monkey sponsorship gifts

Adopt a monkey

Sponsoring a monkey makes a great gift. You could sponsor or adopt Jakarta, a playful and adventurous Grizzled Leaf monkey currently resident at Howletts, a reserve park owned by the Aspinall Foundation. _________________________________________
5 Feb 2008

Adopt a hunting dog - animal adoption gifts

Adopt a hunting dog

If you are a dog lover, then this could be the gift for you. Research suggests the African Hunting Dog, or Painted Hunting Dog, as it is also known, is in serious threat of extinction. Sponsor or adot one through the Aspinall Foundation _________________________________________