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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
8 Nov 2007

Alcohol free beer - where to get decent alcohol free beer

Alcohol free beer

There's good news for those who want to lay off the alcohol this Christmas, or go for a non-alcoholic option. Alcohol-free beers have hugely improved in recent years. _________________________________________
8 Nov 2007

Alcohol free drinks - where to buy alcohol free wine and beer

Alcohol free drinks from the alcohol free shop

More and more people are switching to alcohol free drinks such alcohol free bear and alcohol free wine. Despite growing levels of alcohol consumption it is also a growing trend to choose alcohol free drinks. There are also more and more places to buy alcohol free drinks online such as the alcohol free shop. _________________________________________
8 Nov 2007

Adopt a badger - how to adopt a badger

Adopt a badger

For most of the world`s badgers, humans are the only other animals that pose any real threat to their wellbeing. The practices of digging badgers from their setts and baiting them for hours on end with dogs; these activities were common practices in Britain until relatively recent times. Adopt a badger and help change a badgers life forever! _________________________________________
8 Nov 2007

Send fairtrade flowers - where to order fairtrade flowers online

Fairtrade flowers

Fairtrade flowers can be hard to find for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, but there are a couple of places that you can order them online quickly and easily for delivery including Virginia Hayward and John Lewis _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

The Liberal Magazine - get a subscription to The Liberal magazine

Subscribe to The Liberal magazine

If you are looking for someone a little bit political then why not get a subscription to the Liberal magazine? First founded in 1821 by the Romantics poets Byron and Shelley, The Liberal is a publication with a rich and radical heritage. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

BBC Countryfile Magazine - get a subscription to countryfile magazine

Subscribe to countryfile magazine

If you are looking for a green, environmentally friendly present to give, then why not give a subsciption to Countryfile magazine? You can get 35% off the shop price by ordering Countryfile magazine online through the magazine group. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Go sphereing - rolling down a hill for fun

Go Sphereing

If you are looking for an extreme sport that's carbon neutral, then why not try sphereing? _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Energy watchdog looks at potential impact of smart meters

Efergy smart meter

Energy industry watchdog Ofgem has released its annual Sustainable Development Report, examining amongst other things the impact of smart meters, which measure how much energy appliances in your house are using. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Change to a charity credit card - change to ethical credit

Credit cards offering to donate small percentages of money to charity are becoming more and more popular with ethical shoppers, but recent research has revealed that some credit card providers are proving to be less generous than others. Those considering changing to a charity credit card are urged to use a site like uswitch to compare the terms and conditions of the charity credit cards on offer. Click here to find out more and change your credit card quickly and easily _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Change you car insurance to a green company

A growing trend of more eco-conscious motorists is driving the demand for green car insurance, with more people changing their car insurance, although it still remains a niche market, Co-operative Insurance (CIS) has claimed. Click here to change or switch your car insurance online quickly and easily _________________________________________