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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
7 Nov 2007

Marks and Spencer to power stores using fairtrade, food and farm waste

Marks & Spencer, which has been pushing forward fairtrade as a retailer of food, clothing and home products, has now started using food waste to power some of its stores. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Teenager sends Christmas presents to Africa

A 16 year old from Oxfordshire gave up all his presents last Christmas, getting friends and relatives to send gifts to Africa through charity World Vision. _________________________________________
7 Nov 2007

Buy a bike for Christmas and change lives

Buy a bicycle through World Vision

Most of us can remember being given our first bicycle – often from under the Christmas tree! Now you can change someone else's life by giving the gift of a bicycle through World Vision. _________________________________________
6 Nov 2007

Adopt a pony - how to adopt a pony

Adopt a pony or horse

A lot of children will have dreamed of owning a pony or horse, in fact most people at some stage have wished that they owned a pony - but this gift will bring them one step closer to this dream, allowing you to adopt a pony or sponsor a pony. Adopt or Sponsor a Pony here _________________________________________
6 Nov 2007

Name a star - how to name a star as a gift

How about taking your loved one out for a romantic evening walk, gazing up into the night sky and then pointing to a star that you have named after him or her? _________________________________________
6 Nov 2007

Visit the fairtrade wine cellar - fairtrade wine online

Fairtrade wine

You can order and buy a wide range of fairtrade wine quickly and easily online at Ethical Superstore Wine Cellar (click to go to the site) _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Adopt a bear - how to adopt a bear as a gift

Adopt a bear

Dancing bears are a familiar sight in parts of the world such a Bulgaria, Greece and India. It is estimated that bears in thousands are involved or forced to dance for public entertainment. But you can help them by adopting a bear that has been rescued. _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Adopt a rhino - how to adopt a rhino as a gift

Adopt a rhino

The rhinoceros or rhino is one of the world`s most magnificent creatures with its almost Prehistoric appearance. Sadly the five species of rhino are also among the group of animals most threatened with extinction (endangered) - but you can help them by adopting a rhino. _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Adopt an elephant - how to adopt an elephant

Adopt an elephant

Adopting an animal such as an elephant has never been easier, and it can now be done quickly and easily online as a gift, or just for yourself. _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Give computer classes to children in the developing world

Computer classes through Christian Aid

Many children want to be computer whizzes, and you can help them through Christian Aid. Schemes like that of Christian Aid’s partner AMO-Congo (A Better Future for Orphans) give them a chance to do just that. _________________________________________