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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
5 Nov 2007

Community tap - give water to a village through Christian Aid

Clean water for a village

A community tap given through Christian Aid can help provide children like Caralis Martínez Picado with a permanent, reliable source of clean water. As well as preventing sickness, it can save hours of back-breaking work fetching water from sources miles away. Visit Christian Aid's Present Aid site here _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Give a water buffalo and calf to the developing world

Water Buffalo sent through Christian Aid

Often the solutions to poverty are quite surprising! A water buffalo and calf is a prime example. Sara Makram lives in a very poor community in Egypt. She has six daughters to care for and the water buffalo she was able to buy through a loan from Christian Aid partner COC Bless, has made an amazing difference to her family. Visit Christian Aid's Present Aid site here _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Give a bicycle through Christian Aid

A bike from Christian Aid

It may not be a swish racer but a bike like this from Christian Aid really helps the people of Malawi. In a land where cars are very rare, a bike is essential in helping the HIV workers of the Likulezi project reach those living in outlying areas. Visit Christian Aid's Present Aid site here _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Midwifery kit: charity gifts from Christian Aid

In Burkina Faso, volunteer midwives receive crucial training that helps them to keep new mums and babies alive and well. This includes education in hygiene, pre and post natal care, HIV awareness and how to prevent transmission of the virus from mother to child. Visit Christian Aid's Present Aid site here _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Energy saving kettle from Tefal

Tefal quick cup energy saving kettle

The Tefal Quick Cup is an innovative and energy saving water dispenser that gives you hot or cold filtered water at a touch of a button. As seen on TV, it dispenses hot water in a matter of seconds. _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Energy saving monitor - monitor the cost of your electricity

Efergy energy saving meter

Saving energy is probably the most important thing you can do for the environment. The Efergy Energy Saving Meter has been developed to make it easy for you to measure and understand the amount of electricity you are using. _________________________________________
5 Nov 2007

Solar energy kit - buy solar panels for your home

Solar panel kit for your home

More and more people are fitting solar panels to their homes and houses in a drive to become self-sufficient in their energy use, or cut their CO2 emissions. There are now a range of solar energy kits to buy which allow you to do it yourself. For example look at the range of DIY solar panels and solar panel kits at the Ethical Superstore. Alternatively look at this range of solar panels from the Natural Collection. _________________________________________
4 Nov 2007

Buy an ant farm

Ant farm

If you are looking for an unusual animal gift for Christmas that's educational, but also self-contained, then why not consider an ant farm? Get an ant farm here _________________________________________
4 Nov 2007

Fill gaps between floorboards

Fill gaps between floorboards quickly and easily

Varnished wooden floors or painted floorboards can be found in most homes these days, and whilst they may look good, they can cause huge heat loss. But now there is a simple and easy way of eliminating the drafts and filling in the gaps between your floorboards in a matter of minutes. _________________________________________
4 Nov 2007

Fairtrade Christmas hamper

Fairtrade Christmas hamper

Make it a fairtrade Christmas! Try this irresistible collection of Fair Trade Christmas goodies from Traidcraft and Divine. You can buy a whole range of fairtrade chocolate, including the fairtrade Christmas hamper here _________________________________________