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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
25 May 2009

Energy saving Slow Cooker

A massive 40% of the UK's carbon emissions come from energy used in the home and for travel. Small measures to increase the efficiency of personal energy usage can therefore make a significant difference to this global problem. _________________________________________
25 May 2009

Free joining gift with RSPB membership

When the countryside is in full bloom it is hard to resist getting out there and enjoying it. Many will feel, however, that they don’t know how to get the most out of their natural surroundings. Why not purchase an RSPB membership this summer? With a year’s membership you will get the following benefits: _________________________________________
21 May 2009

Vaccination charity gifts – give the charity gift of health

Diseases such as malaria, polio and measles, which would be quickly and effectively treated in developed countries, often become fatal. _________________________________________
21 May 2009

Amnesty International call for immediate release of prisoner of conscience

Fujian-based legal activist Ji Sizun was originally detained in August 2008. He was handing in to a police station an application to protest at the Olympic games in Beijing. _________________________________________
20 May 2009

Amnesty International calls for release of US death row convict

Amnesty International has teamed up with other human rights organisations to campaign for a stay of execution. The protest concerns Troy Davis who is accused of killing a police officer in the state of Georgia, in the USA. _________________________________________
19 May 2009

Peaches Geldof Designs Jewellery for Made

The Ethical Superstore, the Internet’s premier ethical retailer has begun to stock a new range of ethical jewellery. Peaches Geldof has developed the range of eight designs especially for Made Jewellery. _________________________________________
22 Apr 2009

Sri Lanka needs your help says World Vision

As civilians pour out of the war zone in northern Sri Lanka, seeking safety in temporary displacement camps, the need for medicines, food and shelter is growing quickly says World Vision. _________________________________________
21 Apr 2009

Fairtrade flows against economic tide

A global survey has demonstrated that support for Fairtrade is on the rise. _________________________________________
21 Apr 2009

Original fair trade coffee to rebrand

Fair trade coffee from cafe direct

The UK’s largest fair trade hot drinks company, Cafedirect, has been struggling in recent years due to competition from supermarkets’ own fair trade certified tea and coffee lines – and this is despite £2m annual advertising outlay. _________________________________________
21 Apr 2009

Where to buy a bog: Spend a Penny and give a toilet as a charity gift

Poor countries rarely have adequate sewage systems. In Nicaragua for example 80% of people live on less than £1.10 each day, and unsurprisingly, cholera and malaria are rife. Worst affected are the densely populated shanty towns, where sewage often runs unprotected at the side of streets. _________________________________________