Why St George needs rebranding

By Press Office
April 23, 2009

Jonathan Bartley, co-director of the thinktank Ekklesia said:

"It is perhaps no coincidence that the Archbishop of York and the Bishop of Rochester should be the two figures in the church making calls for greater celebration and recognition of St George's Day. These are the two who have most freqently used 'Christian Nation' rhetoric in recent years.

"But this is the wrong approach to take. Simply giving the Day a thicker religious vaneer is not going to tackle the nastier side of nationalism. If anything it is likely to encourage it.

"If St George's Day is going to be celebrated successfully, the false associations of St George with empire, conquest, the crusades and 'Christian England' need to be dropped. If they aren't, its supporters will play into the hands of the Far Right."

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