World News

  • 5 Dec 2007

    The fight against climate change has been marked by broken promises and missed opportunities, say three European bishops in a letter to political leaders gathered at the United Nations-led talks on the Indonesian island of Bali.

  • 4 Dec 2007

    The summit of European and African leaders this weekend risks being hijacked by the presence of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Christian Aid said on Tuesday. The development agency says the European Union should not have lifted the travel ban.

  • 4 Dec 2007

    Optimism emerged during early sessions of the UN climate talks in Bali this week when Australia promised to ratify the Kyoto Protocol as soon as possible, leaving the USA as the only large developed nation outside the global framework.

  • 4 Dec 2007

    A report from United States intelligence agencies has undermined those close to the White House who have been arguing for unilateral military action against Iran by saying that Tehran halted its nuclear weapons programme in 2003.

  • 3 Dec 2007

    Interfaith leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean have met with officials from three major global multilateral financial bodies to discuss ways of advancing the struggle for the MDGs and against poverty and inequality.

  • 3 Dec 2007

    Celebrations are planned in China to mark the production of more than 50 million Bibles in the People's Republic by Amity Printing Company, a joint venture between the United Bible Societies and Amity Foundation, a Chinese Christian agency.

  • 3 Dec 2007

    A daily online Advent calendar from the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC aims to to help office workers, families and those with busy lives to reflect on 'the reason for the season' - and to think about giving if they want, too.

  • 2 Dec 2007

    A church-backed group of farmworkers and supporters have joined a 30 November 2007 nine-mile march through Miami to the headquarters of Burger King to demand higher wages and better conditions in Florida's tomato fields.

  • 1 Dec 2007

    Faith-based campaigners and religious leaders say churches should not relax their efforts to deal with the HIV/AIDS pandemic despite UN figures showing a drop in the number of people worldwide living with the virus, says Desmond Tutu.

  • 30 Nov 2007

    Thirty national arms control, religious, and environmental organizations in the US have joined together to urge a block on finance for a new generation of nuclear weapons - urging funding to be axed for the Reliable Replacement Warhead.