Press Roundup Monday 27 July 2009

By Press Office
July 27, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Peace & War

MoD under fire for trying to cut compensation to wounded soldiers
The Ministry of Defence faced renewed criticism yesterday with accusations that it was failing in its duty of care towards soldiers injured during active service.

Israel’s defiance threatens US peace drive
Barack Obama's aggressive approach to Middle East diplomacy faces a key test in Israel this week amid mounting resentment in Jerusalem over US policies towards Iran and the Arab world.

Israel uses Hitler picture to sell its settlement expansion
Foreign minister orders diplomats to circulate photo ahead of discussions with President Obama's envoy.

Comment: We Shall Remember Them
The generation that fought the Great War sacrificed much in a noble cause.

Religion & Society

Worshippers who oppose women priests receive ‘untainted’ bread
Worshippers at a Church of England cathedral are being offered a two-track Communion service with a separate supply of “untainted” Communion bread for those who object to its being consecrated by a woman priest.

Pope Benedict XVI unfrocks Medjugorje priest
Father Tomislav Vlasic, the priest who helped to turn the Bosnian town of Medjugorje into one of the Catholic Church's most visited shrines, has left the priesthood after being placed under investigation by the Vatican.

Comment: 'I do' makes all the difference
The Church of England is right to coax couples who already have children to the altar. Even today, marriage provides security, says Jemima Lewis.

Race & Identity

Equality boss 'played race card to save job'
Trevor Phillips, the government’s equality champion, has been accused of playing the “race card” to save his career, amid new, high-level walk-outs at his £70m, taxpayer-funded quango.

Comment:Why I quit the new human rights and equality watchdog
Running the EHRC is a job that might be too big for Trevor.

Comment: Trevor Phillips should go. But the whole body is misconceived
The head of the equalities commission inherited a project that assumed all minorities would share common views and goals.

Crime & Justice

Torture – new claim of secret UK complicity
Papers suggest intelligence service knew men were being mistreated.

New claim of British security services 'complicit in torture abroad'
A British Muslim arrested and questioned in the United Arab Emirates claims to have evidence that UK consular officials asked permission from British security services to visit him while he was detained.

Life & Death

Comment: Step by step, we're sleepwalking into barbarism as we blur the boundaries on assisted suicide
During the past few months, the campaign to permit assisted suicide has been steadily ratcheted up. There has been a stream of stories about people travelling to the grisly Dignitas euthanasia 'clinic' in Switzerland to be killed, the most recent of whom were the conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife.

Ecology & Environment

Wind power boosted by £1bn in new loans
Figures from Greenpeace show Conservative-run councils blocking three times as many wind farms as they approve.

Education & Culture

State schools may be run for profit
State schools could be run by private companies for a profit under plans being considered by the Conservatives.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: A big chance for smallholders
A new $20bn G8 plan to help peasant farmers in poor countries will be a huge leap forward in combating hunger.

Sex & Gender

Doctor sacked over gay adoptions reinstated
A Christian doctor who was sacked from an adoption panel for her views on homosexual parents has been allowed to resume her work following a public outcry.

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