Press Roundup Wednesday 29 July 2009

By Press Office
July 29, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

St Patrick’s Purgatory has increase in pilgrims as economy collapses
With bare feet, they shuffle around the island muttering prayers; pain and suffering writ on their faces and a rainstorm breaking over them.

'Abortion ship' sails into Christian storm
Vessel that made waves by offering termination services in pro-life countries may be sunk by new Dutch law.

Pope condemns Bible 'vandalism' exhibition
The Pope has condemned as "disgusting" a Scottish art exhibition which invites visitors to deface a copy of the Bible.

Comment: On the origin of education
To deny the importance of teaching evolution is to fail to grasp a basic truth about children.

Life & Death

‘Arrest me’ says former doctor who helped pay for suicide trip
A former doctor has challenged the police to arrest him after disclosing that he paid for another man to end his life at a Swiss clinic.

Comment: ‘We must stop being squeamish and put an end to botched, lonely suicides’
Like the vast majority of us, Jane Aiken Hodge wished to end her life while she still could and before she became demented, bedbound or helpless.

Comment: A dangerous road for nurses to tread
The Royal College of Nursing’s shift to becoming ‘neutral’ on assisted suicide is a disgrace.

Comment: This view about assisted death seems suicidal to me
Saying that assisted suicide is OK is some circumstances is a recipe for chaos, hypocrisy and tragedy on a mass scale.

Ecology & Environment

Wind farm boom flies in face of turbine factory shutdown
Britain’s countryside and coastline will be dotted with 2,700 new wind turbines by 2012 — more than double the existing total — according to an industry survey of approved wind farms.

Latest protest leaves climate strategy twisting in the wind
From Shetland to the Isle of Wight, feelings run high as plans to transform the UK into a low-carbon economy hit further trouble.

Peace & War

Most Britons want National Service to return
Most people in Britain would like to see National Service brought back to reduce anti-social behaviour among young people, according to a survey.

People & Power

Provident Financial faces backlash from Barnardo’s as doorstep lending profits rise
Provident Financial, the doorstep lender that offers cash-strapped households emergency loans, drew criticism from charities yesterday as it reported a 3.5 per cent rise in profits.

Crime & Justice

Diego Garcia rendition victim challenges UK in court
The government is refusing to provide details of the torture and wrongful detention of a man rendered through British territory, it was claimed today, depriving him of a remedy for "serious civil and criminal wrongdoing".

Economy & Politics

Comment: We need change, not tinkering
The Tories just want to tweak our current political system, but Britain needs real, courageous electoral reforms.

Globalisation & Development

Cambodian government accused of creating 'Aids colony'
Open letter from human rights groups condemns 'life-threatening' conditions at settlement outside Phnom Penh.

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