Press Roundup Monday 10 August 2009

By Press Office
August 10, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

German Jews want 'Mein Kampf' reprinted
Germany's Central Council of Jews has taken the unprecedented step of backing a proposal to republish Adolf Hitler's infamous autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf, which has been strictly outlawed in the country since the end of the Second World War.

Allowing pupils to opt out of school prayer is wrong, says Archbishop of Wales
A law allowing 16-year-olds to opt out of prayers in assembly devalues and marginalises religion in schools, Dr Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, has warned.

Bigamy is against the 'letter and spirit' of Islam, Indian judge rules
Bigamy among India's Muslims is against the "letter and spirit" of true Islam, the country's law commission has ruled.

Gordon Brown insists Britain is still Christian country
Gordon Brown has insisted that Britain remains a Christian country and defended the right of worshippers to express their faith in public.

A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050
Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time, an investigation by The Telegraph shows.

Former priest, 71, faces sex abuse claims
A 71-year-old former Roman Catholic priest has been remanded in custody after being extradited from the United States to face allegations of sexual abuse in Birmingham.

Comment: The English care about their clergy
A recent letter writer said: "The struggles of the contending parties in Anglicanism are over something to which the mainstream populations of the developed nations are totally indifferent."

Race & Identity

Police ready for clashes at British National Party festival
Police are to conduct a huge security operation in a Derbyshire village this week amid fears of clashes at an annual British National Party gathering.

'Patriot' league plots more clashes with anti-fascist activists
Groups that say they are opposed to Islamist extremism are plotting fresh clashes with anti-fascist organisations this summer after violent battles between the two sides in Birmingham city centre led to 35 arrests over the weekend.

Boy bitten by snake in race attack
A gang attacked a 14-year-old black boy with a 4ft python, forcing the reptile to bite the teenager's hand, in what is believed to be a racist attack, police said yesterday.

BNP member Julian Leppert causes outrage by driving car with number plate that looks like 'Nazi'
British National Party councillor Julian Leppert has angered political rivals by turning up for meetings in his black Ford Focus, registration NA51 ZCY.

Crime & Justice

Briton may hang for killings in Baghdad
A British guard working for a security company inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone was arrested yesterday after two of his colleagues were killed and another wounded in a reported alcohol-fuelled rampage.

Obama administration close to investigating alleged abuses by CIA
The Obama administration is close to appointing a special criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged abuses by the CIA of prisoners held at detention centres around the world.

Iran admits election demonstrators were tortured
Iran's police chief admitted yesterday that protesters who were arrested after June's disputed presidential election had been tortured while in custody in a prison in south-west Tehran. But he denied that any of the detainees had died as a result.

Sex & Gender

‘We don’t count the women’ — gender inequality in Japanese companies
The new chief executive of one of Japan’s larger companies sat up late into the night recently puzzling over the accounts. He simply could not work out why there seemed to be so many more people working in the office than appeared on the books.

Gay rights campaigners in Zimbabwe see chance to push for equality
Gay men and lesbians in Zimbabwe are hoping for an end to years of "hysterical homophobia" by having their rights enshrined in the new constitution.

Community & Family

500 children a year abducted from UK
Almost 500 children were abducted from the UK and taken abroad illegally last year, according to figures released to the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act.

Economy & Politics

Comment: A new political army marches on Parliament
Whips beware – resignations, open primaries and a swing to the Conservatives will transform the House of Commons.

Peace & War

Another 45,000 US troops needed in Afghanistan, military adviser says
The United States should send up to 45,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, a senior adviser to the American commander in Kabul has told The Times.

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