Questioning the political system

By Press Office
August 18, 2009

Commenting on the possibility of a new wave of non-party political candidates, including Martin Bell and Terry Waite, emerging, Simon Barrow, co-director of the think-tank Ekklesia, commented:

"Questions about the current political and constitutional system and the need for alternative policies, perspectives and people will not go away.

"The opinion research we have conducted in association with ComRes and our detailed report on alternative politics' shows that the continuing wave of non-party figures interested in contesting elections (particularly in opposition to corruption within the present system) are part of a broader trend towards strengthening the civic base of political engagement.

"Politics is not just about 'defending the party', narrow interests and the attempts of those with money and power to hold on to it. It is about much more than how we choose other people to manage our lives. The real question is, 'how can we use power in positive ways, develop a vision of justice and peace, empower ordinary people, value the planet and find ways of handling our differences which do not degenerate into violence, self-interest and despair?' We need people with practical aptitude who want to tackle those questions."

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