Press Roundup Wednesday 7 October 2009

By Press Office
October 7, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

Yes, the next Pope could be black, says prominent African cardinal
A prominent African cardinal says there is no reason why the next pope couldn't be black, particularly following the election of President Barack Obama.

Bishops: legal rules could prevent repeat of Kerrie Wooltorton ‘living will’ suicide
Doctors who allow suicidal patients to die because they have written a “living will” could be breaking Government guidelines, Roman Catholic bishops claim.

Comment: A shroud over the truth
Climate-change deniers are like those whose faith convinces them, despite the evidence, that the Turin Shroud is authentic.

Comment: The Catholic church is right: the condom is no cure for Aids in Africa
The countries preaching abstention and faithfulness have seen a drop in cases.

Comment: The global challenge for faiths
Justice is crucial, but its pursuit often involves conflict. How can we reconcile justice and peace?

Comment: Religion and learning: what we know
Lifelong atheists have more qualifications than lifelong theists. But converts to theism come from better-educated groups.

Peace & War

Obama 'considering Afghan options'
President Barack Obama has told politicians in Washington that finding a way forward in Afghanistan was not simply a choice between upping troop numbers of getting out, a White House official said.

Chastened Brown set to send more troops to Afghanistan
The Government is expected to announce troop reinforcements for Afghanistan following intense criticism of its failure to agree to extra forces requested by commanders last spring.

Kim all smiles as he offers US a nuclear olive branch
Six months after declaring the six-party talks on the future of its nuclear weapons programme "dead", North Korea relented somewhat yesterday, suggesting they could be revived on condition that progress was made first on relations with the United States.

US Defence Secretary hints at more troops to Afghanistan
The US and its allies have not put enough troops in Afghanistan to reverse the enemy’s momentum but have no intention of abandoning the country to the Taleban or al-Qaeda, the US Defence Secretary has said.

North Korea can unleash 13 types of biological agent, South Korea says
North Korea’s armed forces are capable of carrying out 13 kinds of viral and bacterial attack, the South Korean Government said yesterday in one of the most detailed assessments of the dictatorship’s biological weapons arsenal.

Ecology & Environment

Warning over ice 'tipping points'
Global warming could cause the huge Greenland ice sheet to melt past "tipping points" from which it could not fully recover - even if carbon dioxide levels were slashed, a report has warned.

UK rubbish levels 'waste millions'
The UK is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds a year by throwing away rubbish which could be recycled, Friends of the Earth has said.

Probe into cyanide river pollution
An investigation is under way into how untreated sewage and cyanide made its way into part of one of the country's major rivers.

Comment: Prepare for a Copenhagen compromise
In Copenhagen, some nations' pledges won't match their responsibility for climate change – that's just part of the process.

Crime & Justice

Clinton: Guinea violence 'criminal'
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling violence by Guinea's government "criminality of the greatest degree".

Tories vow to beef up police powers
Police should be given more power to alert communities to dangerous criminals in their midst, the Tories said today as they promised a shake-up of rules to make public protection the top priority.

Idelphonse Nizeyimana, top suspect from 1994 Rwandan genocide, arrested
One of the top remaining suspects from the 1994 Rwandan genocide has been arrested in Uganda.

Economy & Politics

Tories quizzed over links to EU allies with 'extreme views'
The Tories came under fresh pressure for allying with two controversial European figures last night after Britain's leading Jewish body admitted it had contacted David Cameron to raise concerns over their alleged far-right views.

Comment: The Missing Issue that threatens a Tory win
Why have MPs’ expenses disappeared from conference agendas? The public want to see if parties are really changing.

People & Power

France pulls out of deported Afghans' charter flight deal
France on Tuesday night pulled out of a plan to deport hundreds of illegal migrants to Afghanistan in order to prevent them from travelling to Britain.

Berlusconi’s lawyers use ‘Animal Farm’ defence in plea to keep him above law
Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers fought to save his political career yesterday by arguing that the law should regard him as “first above equals” and continue to protect him from prosecution.

Education & Culture

Oxford 'should resist social engineering'
Oxford University must be protected from “crude social engineering”, according to its new vice-chancellor.

Globalisation & Development

Mugabe calls for friendly relations with the West and urges lifting of sanctions
Zimbabwe wants new and friendly relations with Western countries who have been critical of it in the past, President Robert Mugabe announced today.

Life & Death

Comment: Death and Texas
The botched trial and execution of Cameron Willingham is another deadly miscarriage of justice, Texas style.

Race & Identity

Israel deploys police as Jerusalem tensions rise
Israel deployed thousands of police on the streets of Jerusalem today to protect a Jewish holiday parade after days of rock throwing and clashes with Palestinians.

Sex & Gender

Comment: Free speech is not hateful
My amendment to the law on inciting hatred on the grounds of sexuality should stand; if not, we risk criminalising the innocent.

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