Press Roundup Monday 19 October 2009

By Press Office
October 19, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

Hate preacher tells Queen: Turn Muslim
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary sparked fury yesterday after calling for the Queen to become Muslim.

Biblical sex row over explicit illustrated Book of Genesis
A sexually explicit illustrated Book of Genesis by controversial artist Robert Crumb, which features Bible characters having intercourse, has been condemned by religious groups.

Ramadan? No school today
Parents and headteachers are furious after schools were given permission to shut for Ramadan and other non-Christian holidays in the name of multiculturalism.

Rethinking Thought for the Day
With the row over Radio 4's three-minute 'God slot' intensifying, secularists are warning the BBC that it may be in breach of equality law. Jonathan Wynne-Jones reports.

St Thérèse of Lisieux’s relics end their tour of Britain
Women in the crowds broke down sobbing as rose petals drifted down on to the casket containing the relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux.

Comment: The pious pelican on the Bible page
To me, the Authorised Version, or the King James Bible, as the Americans like to call it, is the most famous yet most under-familiar book in the world, writes Christopher Howse.

Comment: Christianity's winding road
Diarmaid MacCulloch's masterful new history exposes the sheer variety of a faith that now encompasses two billion.

Comment: A partner, not a replacement
Faith groups should work with government to fight poverty and build social stability, rather than taking over services themselves.

Economy & Politics

MPs bid to dodge expenses rap
Shameless MPs are hoping to block police inquiries into expenses.

Last-ditch bid to prevent BNP appearance on Question Time
A cabinet minister has launched a last-minute bid to block the leader of the British National Party (BNP) from appearing on BBC 1's Question Time.

BNP launches online assault on ethnic-minority Question Time panellists
The British National Party has launched an online assault on the two ethnic-minority members of the BBC Question Time panel who will take on Nick Griffin, the party’s leader, this week.

Comment: Our leaders are queuing to prove their virtue by denouncing the vile BNP. But it's they who are to blame for its rise

Comment: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Freedom of speech is fine until the invective is against you
More freedom is what we must seek, but lack of restraint leads to dehumanisation.

Peace & War

US, UK behind attack on Guards, claims Iran
Iran's armed forces yesterday accused the United States and Britain of involvement in a suicide attack which killed five elite Revolutionary Guard leaders, the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency reported.

General Sir David Richards: support for Afghan mission is fading
The British public is losing faith in the military mission in Afghanistan and politicians must do more to win back popular support, the head of the British Army warns today.

Bosnia 'on brink of new civil war'
Bosnia is heading for a new civil war as a constitutional crisis threatens to cause the collapse of the political system, the country's leaders have warned.

Israel threatens to quit peace talks over UN war crimes vote
Israel has threatened to pull out of Middle East peace talks if Britain and other European nations fail to back the country in a key vote at the United Nations.

Comment: Reviving hope for Middle East peace
Hope that Obama could make progress toward peace has evaporated. To get back on track, he should turn to Syria.

Crime & Justice

Binyam Mohamed ruling is a victory for justice - but now David Miliband censors judges
The High Court last week dealt a humiliating blow to Foreign Secretary David Miliband's attempts to keep secret an official account of the torture of Binyam Mohamed, stating that his arguments had 'no rational basis' in a democracy governed by the rule of law.

British mining company faces damages claim after allegations of torture in Peru
A British mining corporation is facing a multimillion-pound claim for damages after protesters were detained and allegedly tortured at an opencast copper plant that the firm is seeking to develop in the mountains of northern Peru.

Crime adviser says justice system is seen as ‘too sympathetic’ to criminals
Many people working in the criminal justice system instinctively side with offenders because they want to give them a second chance, says the Government’s neighbourhood crime adviser.

Ecology & Environment

Obama envoy warns of 'no deal' summit
Talks to save the world from the catastrophic effects of global warming may fail, President Obama's climate change envoy said last night.

Copenhagen climate talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown will warn today that the world is on the brink of a "catastrophic" future of killer heatwaves, floods and droughts unless governments speed up negotiations on climate change before vital talks in Copenhagen in December.

Comment: Green guerrillas are following a noble tradition
Eco-protesters should be saluted. And then banged up.

Race & Identity

BNP leader Nick Griffin: Lots of Hindus, Sikhs and ethnic minority Britons support my anti-immigrant views
Large numbers of Sikh, Hindu and other ethnic minority voters support the British National Party's hard-line anti-immigration stance, its leader Nick Griffin claimed today.

Anti-Islamic march sparks violent clashes as Nazi-saluting 'Welsh Defence League' takes to the streets
Hundreds of people gathered yesterday to oppose the planned march against Islamic extremism by the Welsh Defence League.

Judge blocks mixed-race marriage, then says I'm not racist
An elected judge in eastern Louisiana was facing a growing clamour for his resignation last night after revelations that he declined to officiate at the wedding of a couple because they were of different races.

People & Power

Mother's joy as freed Irish aid worker prepares to return home after 107 days captivity in Sudan
The mother of freed Irish aid worker Sharon Commins today said she could not wait to hold her daughter in her arms again.

'They gave me $100 and told me to fend for myself in Baghdad'
Asylum-seeker deported from UK explains why he fears for his life.

Community & Family

BBC reporters highlight racism on Bristol estate
Two BBC reporters of South Asian origin who lived for eight weeks on a housing estate in Bristol, posing as a married Muslim couple with limited English, were racially abused more than 50 times, a documentary will show tonight.

Education & Culture

100,000 will die in next decade due to drinking
Almost 100,000 people will die over the next 10 years as a direct result of their drinking, a charity has warned.

Globalisation & Development

Shelter for families blocked at border
Israel has refused for eight months to allow into Gaza 488 prefabricated buildings donated by Turkey to house families whose homes were destroyed in last winter's three-week military offensive.

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