Press Roundup Tuesday 20 October 2009

By Press Office
October 20, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Ecology & Environment

Climate change pact 'remains in the balance', says Ed Miliband
A global treaty to fight climate change is hanging "in the balance", Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary, said last night, although there were signs that developed countries were preparing to roll back on their demand that developing countries agree to long-term cuts in emissions.

Eco groups launch Treasury action
Environmental groups are joining forces in a High Court action against the Treasury.

Climate change could cause more problems than two World Wars
Climate change could cause an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression and two World Wars combined, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, has warned.

India 'may accept' greenhouse gas cuts ahead of climate change summit
India may yet accept Western demands to make cuts in greenhouse gas emissions as part of its campaign for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council, according to a leaked letter from its environment minister.

Force wind farm sites: Prescott
Councils should be forced to earmark sites for new wind farms as part of a strategy to override local residents' objections to the developments, John Prescott is due to say.

Economy & Politics

BNP hit by second leak of 'members database'
The BNP is bracing itself for potentially fresh embarrassment tomorrow when details of the party's rank and file UK membership are expected to be posted on the internet.

Comment: The BBC is right to press ahead with Question Time
It's a matter of fair dealing not countenancing a hateful party.

Comment: Killing off the cancerous spread of the BNP is within our grasp
Only a shake-up of immigration and employment policies can stem the rise of the far Right, says Mary Riddell.

Comment: Why I wouldn't go on Question Time with the unsavoury Nick Griffin

Comment: Mill's prescription for health and happiness
The state shouldn't dictate the choices of informed adults, but it must protect children and guard against misinformation.

Religion & Society

Vicar complains of 'feeling like a lemon at pithy funerals which blare out My Way'
Having a loved one laid to rest to the blaring strains of Simply The Best might seem a fitting tribute to assembled mourners.

Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy after 100 claimants file sex abuse lawsuits
A Catholic diocese in Delaware has filed for bankruptcy on the eve of a high-profile sex abuse case.

Communities Minister John Denham says he is a ‘secular humanist’
The Cabinet minister whose department oversees policy on religion has admitted that he does not believe in God.

Comment: Linking Islam and terrorism is wrong
The government must stop seeing all Muslims as innately prone to violence if it wants to rebuild trust in the community.

Comment: Why the hate for Calvin?
It's easy enough to dismiss Calvin by saying his view of the world was bleak and miserable. It's very much harder to prove him wrong.

Globalisation & Development

Hamid Karzai refuses to accept being stripped of Afghanistan election win
Afghanistan was thrown into crisis on Monday after Hamid Karzai threatened to refuse to accept the results of a fraud inquiry which denied him victory in the presidential election.

India offers Sri Lanka funding to speed Tamils' return home
India has offered Sri Lanka $100m (£61m) in aid to help refugees caught up in the endgame of the civil war to return home and rebuild their devastated communities.

African 'good leader' award fails to find winner
The committee of the £3 million Mo Ibrahim award for achievement in African leadership, which includes Kofi Annan and Mohamed El-Baradei, said that despite considering "some credible candidates" it could not select a winner for its annual good governance award.

Comment: What is China doing in Guinea?
Are China's investments in Guinea a callous grab for resources, or much-needed support for a struggling African economy?

Race & Identity

BNP plays race card with attack on Question Time rivals
The BBC has come under renewed pressure over its decision to invite the leader of the British National Party (BNP) to take part in BBC1's Question Time after the far-right party attacked non-white members of the panel.

Far-right 'hijacking armed forces'
Former military heavyweights have warned that the Armed Forces are in danger of being hijacked by far right groups.

Obama dragged into university race row after student is crowned first white beauty queen
A university student has provoked a race storm after she was crowned as the first white winner of a beauty pageant at a predominantly black university.

Peace & War

Iran threatens 'crushing' revenge on Britain after attack on Revolutionary Guards kills 42
The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has vowed a 'crushing' revenge on Britain after a suicide bombing killed 42 yesterday.

Doubts loom over nuclear agreement
Western powers began talks with Iran about its nuclear programme yesterday amid confusion as to whether a viable agreement could be reached following combative statements from Tehran.

Crime & Justice

Comment: Esmé Madill: End the inhumanity of child detention
We detain 2,000 ayslum-seeking children each year in awful conditions.

Life & Death

Comment: Chapter and verse on the death penalty
When Texan jurors turned to the Old Testament to determine if a man on death row should die they crossed an important line.

People & Power

US brings Sudan in from the cold
In a significant change of tack on dealing with Sudan, US President Barack Obama said yesterday he would end the Bush-era policy of international isolation and seek instead to engage with the government in Khartoum to improve security and peace across the country, including in the ravaged region of Darfur.

Sex & Gender

Parliament to host civil partnerships
Civil partnership ceremonies would be held at the Houses of Parliament under a plan to be put forward by Gordon Brown today.

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