Press Roundup Friday 6 November 2009

By Press Office
November 6, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Peace & War

War heroes remembered
The names of five British soldiers killed by a rogue policeman in Afghanistan were among those on 60,000 crosses planted today at the annual Field of Remembrance.

Afghanistan: Britain should pull out of 'our Vietnam'
Britain should pull out of Afghanistan as the conflict is fast turning into "our Vietnam", families of servicemen killed in the country have said.

Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design – secret report
The UN's nuclear watchdog has asked Iran to explain evidence suggesting that Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian has learned.

Brown makes pledge over Afghanistan
Britain cannot afford to "walk away" from the mission in Afghanistan if it is to prevent future al Qaida attacks on the streets of the UK, Gordon Brown will warn.

UN threatens total withdrawal as it pulls 600 staff out of Afghanistan after deadly Taliban attack
The United Nations has threatened a total withdrawal from Afghanistan today as it announced it is temporarily relocating more than half its international staff.

Saudi warplanes bomb Shia rebels in Yemen after border raid
Saudi Arabia launched air strikes on Shia rebels in Yemen yesterday after they mounted a cross-border raid into the desert kingdom.

Comment: Don't fool yourselves... Afghanistan is an unwinnable war
With so many British dead, it's unpalatable to say we've failed. But the real betrayal, says MAX HASTINGS, is to fool ourselves that one more heave - a few more bodybags - can secure something we could call victory.

Comment: Honour our Muslim soldiers
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims fought for Britain in the first world war. We must remember them and mark their contribution.

Ecology & Environment

All hope is lost for Copenhagen climate treaty, British officials say
A world treaty on climate change will be delayed by up to a year and is likely to be watered down because countries with the highest greenhouse gas emissions are refusing to commit to legally binding reductions.

G20 talks to tackle climate change
Chancellor Alistair Darling has urged finance ministers from the world's leading economies to "get on" with tackling climate change.

Comment: A guide to the new eco-religion
Once the church of Green Faith exists there will be no room for agnostics.

Comment: It isn't godly being green
It is an insult to science to rule that belief in man-made climate change is a religious conviction.

Comment: When the twin religions of 'global warming' and shopping collide...
So that's it, then, we're all doomed. The chances of a new deal on 'climate change' at Copenhagen appear to be dead in the water, marooned like an albatross in an oil slick.

Comment: Being green is no religion
A court ruling that environmentalism is akin to religious belief is bad news for science, and for efforts to tackle climate change.

Comment: There are substantial barriers to a climate deal
At Copenhagen in December, nations must agree about the future of the planet's climate. The richest nations need to make radical changes – but the developing countries do too, and they will need our help if they are to deliver the emissions cuts required.

Religion & Society

Selfish culture is killing secular Europe, says Chief Rabbi
Europe is a dying continent because its secular culture means people are too selfish to marry and have children, the Chief Rabbi said yesterday.

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: Islam must separate religion from power
The Chief Rabbi has called on Muslims to get used to living as a minority in Britain and to learn to separate religion from power.

Former head of BBC calls for atheists on Radio 4 God Slot
Lord Birt, the former Director General of the BBC, has called for atheists to contribute to Radio 4's Thought for the day.

Brazil crime wars: Spiderman's story of drugs and Jesus in Rio's slums
How evangelical preachers are trying to stem the tide of killings in the Olympic city.

Comment: People don't know the Lord's prayer
Those who go to church only for funerals and weddings will not to be able to join in with the traditional words of the Lord's prayer, says Christopher Howse.

Comment: Religious stock and the belief crunch
Buy Buddhism, sell Anglicanism? Be careful, because, just as in financial markets, shocks and bubbles can test your faith.

Community & Family

Gap in life expectancy between rich and poor 'bigger than in Victorian times' despite Labour promises
Labour has spectacularly failed to reduce the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor over its 12 years in power, official figures showed today.

Cash crisis threat to victims of honour violence
Funding for the front line organisations which locate and save the victims of forced marriages and honour killings has been slashed by the Government, The Independent has learnt.

Comment: No respect, no morals, no trust - welcome to modern Britain
Our political leaders are falling short as we sink under a tide of vulgarity and sleaze, says Jeff Randall.

Crime & Justice

Victims' Champion seeks justice reform
Crime victims suffering acute stress as a result of their ordeal are being "woefully" failed by the National Health Service, the Victims' Champion Sara Payne warned yesterday.

Radovan Karadzic trial delayed until March 2010
Radovan Karadzic will have a defence lawyer imposed on him after United Nations judges ruled that he had 'substantially and persistently obstructed' his trial for genocide and war crimes.

Comment: Moral panic in the dock
I can think of nothing worse than reshaping the criminal justice system to prioritise victims.

Economy & Politics

1 day on...MPs overturn new exes rule
Senior MPs took just one day to reject a sleaze watchdog's call for more investigations into dodgy politicians.

We're castrated says MP in expenses cut backlash
Politicians sparked anger yesterday by stepping up a “staggering” backlash against moves to clean up their expenses.

Comment: Pay politicians what their jobs are worth
The Commons allowances are there to make sure that MPs can work effectively.

Sex & Gender

Sex classes for every pupil at 15
Sex education is to be compulsory for all pupils at the age of 15, schools chiefs announced last night.

Now sex and drugs lessons at age 5
Parent groups and family campaigners were outraged last night after it emerged Labour plans to force children as young as five to learn about sex.

Boyzone honoured for raising awareness about homosexuality
Boyzone, the Irish pop band, have been honoured by gay campaign group Stonewall for the late Stephen Gately's contribution to raising awareness.

Globalisation & Development

Blood diamonds: Zimbabwe faces gem trade ban over rape, murder and smuggling in mines
Zimbabwe is facing suspension from the world diamond body following accusations that its mine security forces are raping women, killing illegal miners and smuggling gems.

Comment: Why the west fears China in Africa
We still like to see ourselves as saviours, and anxiety about Chinese investment is bound up with the politics of aid.

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