Press Roundup Monday 9 November 2009

By Press Office
November 9, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Peace & War

Should peace be the main message of Remembrance Sunday?
Remembrance Sunday is a moving and emotional day for the whole nation, but some believe it is too tribal with an over emphasis on the warriors.

Afghanistan - The Great Debate: Should we stay ..or should we go?
After the shocking shooting of five soldiers in cold blood in Afghanistan this week, calls to pull out our troops are growing. We asked leading figures from all walks of life whether we should stay or go...

This war 'is worth more British lives', says senior military chief as army admits our troops could be in Afghanistan for another five years
Bringing stability to Afghanistan is worth more British soldiers' lives, a senior UK military chief there said yesterday.

US likely to dispatch 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
The US administration is likely announce the dispatch of at least 30,000 troops to Afghanistan – while in Britain there are increasing calls for a withdrawal from the war in the face of a rising death toll.

Hugo Chavez tells Venezuela's military to prepare for possible conflict with Colombia
President Hugo Chavez has ordered Venezuela's military to prepare for a possible armed conflict with Colombia, saying his country's soldiers should be ready if the United States attempts to provoke a war between the South American neighbours.

Comment: Remembrance day: Goodbye to all that

Comment: Peace is the true tribute
There is a popular misconception put about generally by our opponents that socialists and communists have no time for the remembrance of those who died in this country's wars.

Comment: leaders not issues are blocking Middle East peace
It rained heavily for two days in Israel and the West Bank at the beginning of last week. Anoraked tourists trudging round Jerusalem's holy sites were unamused, but the locals were happy with the first downpour in months.

Comment: Poppy Day and a war we won't want to remember
David Dimbleby mentioned in his TV commentary 'the unconscionable millions' killed in war during yesterday's Cenotaph service for our 'glorious dead'.

Comment: To abandon Afghanistan now would be a betrayal of the fallen
The campaign to defeat the Taliban must endure, says Boris Johnson - whatever it takes.

Globalisation & Development

UN attempts to slow the new scramble for Africa
Alarm over scale of foreign holdings and secretive land deals by wealthy nations.

China's $10 billion loan for African development 'motivated by business not aid'
China moved to expand its ties with resource rich African nations yesterday by promising more than £6 billion in loans for development at a high profile summit in Egypt.

South Africa tries to enlist men in AIDS battle
"There is a new man in South Africa," proclaims an advert splashed across South African media, aiming to transform ideas about sexuality and to enlist the nation's men in the fight against AIDS.

Comment: Why Africa welcomes the ‘new colonialism’
Beijing is enjoying its burgeoning power. But it should tread carefully: the continent has a habit of frustrating grand plans.

Race & Identity

Sloppy migrant policy 'is letting Taliban into UK'
Taliban terrorists may have been allowed to slip into Britain unhindered because of Labour’s open-door immigration policy.

Barack Obama calls for calm as Muslim community fears backlash over Fort Hood killings
Barack Obama has tried to calm racial tensions in the US after the Muslim community voiced fears it would face a backlash from the Fort Hood killings.

Johnson: we need a debate on migration
In a candid interview with The Independent, Mr Johnson admitted that Labour's failure to debate immigration had "probably" boosted the BNP's appeal.

New immigration row as memo reveals Home Office officials told to 'take risks' on letting migrants into Britain
Ministers were accused yesterday of inviting migrants into the country regardless of the security risk they might pose.

Religion & Society

'Soldiers are dying for Afghan democracy as British values crumble', says Bishop
The Government has allowed the scandal of bankers' bonuses and MPs' expenses to "chip away" at the values of British society yet "throws" soldiers at Afghanistan to fight corruption there, the Bishop of Lichfield has said.

'Islam does not justify this act of terrorism'
Worshippers at one of Britain’s biggest mosques reacted to the Fort Hood shooting yesterday by saying Muslims who serve in the Armed Forces are complicit in killing their “brothers and sisters” in Afghanistan/

Children's author G P Taylor to leave 'sinking ship' Church of England and become Catholic
Vicar-turned-author Rev G P Taylor says he will desert the "sinking ship" Church of England, which he said was the "spiritual arm of New Labour", for Roman Catholicism.

Comment: The key to rubbing along in perfect harmony
Authoritarianism is a sin of religiosity: believers need to heed the Jewish experience about respecting the secular majority.

Crime & Justice

Sex abuse by women reports on rise
The number of children reporting sexual abuse by women to ChildLine has more than doubled over the past five years, it has been announced.

Fifty UN peacekeepers punished for sex abuses
At least 50 peacekeepers have received punishments ranging from reduction in military rank to eight months imprisonment for committing sexual abuses on United Nations missions since 2007, the UN said today.

Comment: Why we should not execute Gary Glitter
Channel 4 screens a drama about the hanging of Paul Gadd tonight, but we learn more from trying to understand criminals than from killing them.

Economy & Politics

'Flabbergasted' expenses watchdog in fight to save his reforms
Expenses watchdog Sir Christopher Kelly has demanded a showdown with the enforcer brought in to implement his reforms.

Goldman Sachs chief says 'we do God's work' as he defends the bank's mega profits
The boss of Goldman Sachs claimed yesterday that bankers were doing 'God's work'.

One-third of armed forces have no vote
Ministers are accused of a "scandalous failure" to help Britain's servicemen and women exercise their democratic right to vote in the next general election after it emerged that more than 60,000 are still unregistered – one-third of the regular armed forces.

Education & Culture

Teachers face ' institutional racism claims'
Black and minority ethnic teachers face an "endemic culture of institutional racism" in schools, research found today.

Scientists win place for evolution in primary schools
The government is ready to put evolution on the primary curriculum for the first time after years of lobbying by senior scientists.

Comment: Whose authority?
Decisions on sex education and crucifixes in classrooms are highly illiberal intrusions into our lives and those of our children.

Community & Family

Revealed: Government's 'heartless' treatment of forced marriage victims
British citizens who have been forced into marriages overseas are being asked to cover the costs of their repatriation to the UK, The Independent has learnt.

Why tough love it best: Parental warmth AND discipline produces best adults, admits Left-wing think-tank
Taking a 'tough love' approach to parenting increases the chances a child will grow into a well-rounded, successful adult, a think-tank said yesterday.

Ecology & Environment

Carbon ration account for all proposed by Environment Agency
Everyone should be given an annual carbon ration and face financial penalties if they exceed it, under a proposal by the Environment Agency.

Labour plan nuke power stations for green sites
Nuclear plants could be built on greenfield sites under controversial plans to fast-track a fresh wave of power stations.

People & Power

Foreign Office warns Mann to 'keep quiet'
Simon Mann has been urged by Foreign Office officials to remain silent about the coup attempt that left him languishing in an African prison, and settle for a "quiet life" with his wife and family in the UK, The Independent on Sunday has learnt.

David Miliband accused by Jewish leaders of using anti-Semitism" as "political football"
David Miliband, the foreign secretary, has been accused by leaders of the British Jewish community of using anti-Semitism as a “political football”.

Sex & Gender

Women are their own worst enemies, says Lord Alan Sugar
Lord Sugar, the government's enterprise "champion", was criticised by the TUC today after saying women were more likely than men to discriminate against female employees.

Comment: Black, gay ... and invisible
It's time for black communities to wake up – and stop ostracising those of us who happen to be homosexual.

Life & Death

PM's name error shows 'no respect'
The mother of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan has accused Gordon Brown of disrespecting her son's memory by misspelling their surname in a letter of condolence.

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