Press Roundup Wednesday 11 November 2009

By Press Office
November 11, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Peace & War

US wants more Nato troops for new Afghanistan surge
President Obama is to ask members of Nato to provide up to 4,000 more troops to help to break the deadlock in Afghanistan.

46% think war is increasing threat
Only one in five voters believes Britain's military presence in Afghanistan is helping protect the UK from terror, a poll shows in a blow to the Government's efforts to shore up public support for the war.

Only one in five Britons support Afghanistan conflict, poll shows
Only one in five voters believes Britain's military presence in Afghanistan is helping protect the UK from terror, a new poll has shown, in a blow to the Government's efforts to shore up public support for the war.

Gordon Brown signals the start of Britain's exit strategy from Afghanistan
Britain will start handing over control of parts of Helmand Province to Afghan rule within a year, Gordon Brown said yesterday.

Desertion-charge soldier Joe Glenton accused of leading anti-war demo
A soldier who faces charges for desertion after refusing to return to Afghanistan has been arrested and charged with five more offences.

Queen at First World War memorial
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are joining senior politicians and the heads of the armed forces at a memorial service to mark the passing of the First World War generation.

US 'wants to guard Pakistan's nuclear arsenal'
Pakistan's military has angrily insisted that its nuclear weapons arsenal is safely protected and denounced claims that it is secretly negotiating with the United States to allow teams of American specialists to provide added security in the event of a crisis.

Korean troops on alert after clash
South Korea's troops are on high alert for possible retaliation by North Korea after one of its navy ships was nearly destroyed and an officer reportedly killed in a skirmish with the South.

Hugo Chavez intensifies conflict threat with Colombia
Hugo Chavez has intensified his country's threat of conflict with Colombia after accusing its South American neighbour of "lies" and "hypocrisy" over hosting US bases.

Comment: The coffins will keep coming until we conquer our amnesia on Afghanistan
Barack Obama is about to make his most crucial military decision. He should remember what took us to war in the first place.

Ecology & Environment

Earth is still absorbing CO2, claims climate change study
The Earth is creating stores to absorb excessive levels of carbon dioxide, a study has found.

Green home makeover will cost £15,000, says climate change watchdog
Home owners will need to spend up to £15,000 on an energy efficiency makeover if the government is to meet its ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions, the head of Britain's climate change watchdog has said.

Comment: Nuclear alone won’t keep the power flowing
Britain’s energy policy is an incoherent mess. We need a simple and explicit carbon tax to fund the greenest alternatives.

Comment: Latin America must cut emissions too
Middle-income countries are threatening the climate change deal they need by opposing mandatory cuts on principle.

Religion & Society

The Vatican joins the search for alien life
The Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding its first ever conference on alien life, the discovery of which would have profound implications for the Catholic Church.

Comment: Charter for Compassion: At one with our ignorance
If ever there was a time for compassion, a time to humbly accept what we don't know, it is now.

Comment: Learning from creationism
The spread of creationism, and climate denialism is not the result of gullibility but of mistrust.

Comment: Unite to condemn homophobic laws
An open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury and primates of the Anglican Communion on Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill.

Crime & Justice

Knife killers must spend at least 25 years in jail, says Straw
Murderers who kill with knives should spend at least 25 years in prison, Jack Straw said yesterday.

British bishop Richard Williamson to go on trial in Germany for Holocaust denial
British Holocaust-denying bishop Richard Williamson faces trial in Germany for an outspoken TV interview in which he denied that the wartime extermination of the Jews took place.

Comment: Sinister threat to open justice
It is a tragic irony that today, on Remembrance Day, the House of Lords is debating a government proposal which undermines those noble principles through the creation of secret inquests.

Economy & Politics

Disgust at BNP leader's bid to hijack tribute to troops
BNP leader Nick Griffin caused fury last night by trying to hijack the repatriation ceremony for the six soldiers.

MPs' expenses report won't be torn up: Sir Ian Kennedy caves in over reform
Expenses enforcer Sir Ian Kennedy has caved in over reform of the Westminster gravy train, saying the Kelly Report will form the centrepiece of his clean-up of Parliament.

'Big society' is the solution to poverty, declares Cameron
The Conservatives will replace Labour's "big government" with a "big society" which would be more effective at tackling poverty, David Cameron pledged last night.

Life & Death

Washington sniper put to death
A sniper who terrorised America during a three-week killing spree in 2002 has been was executed by lethal injection.

Blackwater 'sent money to pay off Iraqi officials angry at civilian deaths'
Former top executives at Blackwater have said the security firm sent $1 million to its Iraq office with the intention of paying off officials in the country who were angry about the fatal shootings of 17 civilians by Blackwater employees, The New York Times reported.

Comment: John Allen Muhammed deserved mercy
His crimes were horrific, and revenge is tempting. But executing this man only adds to the sum of injustice.

Race & Identity

Race hate murderer celebrated killing
A man was jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years yesterday after being convicted of murdering an Indian naval officer because of the colour of his skin.

Denmark to pay immigrants £12,000 to go home if they 'can't or won't' assimilate
Denmark is boosting cash incentives to entice immigrants to return to their homelands if they 'can't or won't' assimilate into society.

People & Power

Prince of Wales' tour of Canada marred by anti-monarchy protests
The Prince of Wales' tour of Canada has been marred by an anti-monarchy protest, with Quebec separatists clashing with riot police during a demonstration in Montreal.

Sex & Gender

Anger after Sydney students set up 'pro-rape' Facebook group
One of Australia's most prestigious university colleges has been urged to launch an investigation into student behaviour after it emerged that some had set up a "pro-rape" page on the social networking website Facebook.

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