Press Roundup Tuesday 17 November 2009

By Press Office
November 17, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

Archbishop of Canterbury attacks City culture
The archbishop of Canterbury has taken fresh aim at the forces of Mammon, arguing that the primacy of free markets is only being sustained by “tempting fantasies of unlimited growth” and that companies have entrenched a “working culture that undermines the family”.

Archbishop backs higher taxes
Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams sparked fury yesterday by claiming higher taxes could be a way to create a better society.

Muslim academics and students are turning against Darwin's theory
Muslims in many countries are increasingly rejecting Darwin’s theory of evolution, under the influence of conservative elements in Islam, a science conference was told yesterday.

Comment: Rowan's economics for humanity
Rowan Williams' speech on the human dimensions the economy needs is one of the best things he has done in public life.

Comment: Strong-armed into compassion
It's hard to criticise someone who just wants us to be nice, but there's something about Karen Armstrong's charter that grates.

Comment: Vatican to welcome aliens
The Catholic church is comfortable with the idea of aliens. Good news for those who believe in compassion for extra-terrestrials.

Ecology & Environment

UN chief Achim Steiner warns of high cost of climate delays
The likely delays in sealing a global deal to fight climate change would have a "human cost", and increase the risks of great harm to the planet and the economic costs of dealing with it, the head of the UN environment programme said today.

Greens urge tuna ban
Environmentalists called for a global ban on the trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, after the body responsible for managing stocks cut quotas but did not suspend fishing of the threatened species.

EU Presidency candidate Herman Van Rompuy calls for new taxes
Herman Van Rompuy, the man widely expected to be appointed the first President of Europe this week, has called for new eco-taxes and levies on the financial sector to fund a more powerful European Union.

Brazil deforestation drops to lowest level since 1980s
On the eve of vital climate change talks in Copenhagen, Brazil has announced a reduction in Amazon deforestation to its lowest level since the 1980s.

Globalisation & Development

World leaders at UN summit vow to aid farmers in bid to help starving
World leaders at a United Nations food summit in Rome today agreed a strategy to help the world's one billion starving people by increasing aid to farmers in developing countries - but failed to pledge the specific funds the UN had hoped for.

We can feed the world despite global warming, says Pope Benedict
Pope Benedict XVI today told a United Nations world food summit that "the Earth can sufficiently feed all of its inhabitants" despite the "devastation" caused by global warming, and blamed the "greed" of speculators in cereals markets for aggravating world hunger.

Some African countries are just not viable, says philanthropist
A month after withholding a $5m African leadership prize because there was no suitable recipient, the wealthy philanthropist Mo Ibrahim has caused another stir by saying that some countries on the continent are too small to survive.

Obama hits out at China's censorship
Barack Obama used his first day in China to offer a carefully worded critique of Beijing's record on freedom of speech, telling an audience of students that it was good for leaders to be forced "to hear opinions that [they] don't want to hear".

Peace & War

Gordon Brown to bring Nato allies together to work out exit strategy for Afghanistan
Gordon Brown is planning an international summit in London in the run-up to next year's general election to map out an exit strategy from Afghanistan.

Britain backs peace deal between Taliban and Afghan government, secret memo reveals
UK officials proposed a strategic reconciliation between the Afghan government and Taliban leaders, a leaked memo showed today.

Palestinians call for EU to back independence
Palestinians have formally asked the European Union to urge the UN security council to recognise a fully independent state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in response to the current impasse in peace negotiations with Israel.

UN nuclear chief in secret talks with Iran over deal to end sanctions
United Nations and Iranian officials have been secretly negotiating a deal to persuade world powers to lift sanctions and allow Tehran to retain the bulk of its nuclear programme in return for co-operation with UN inspectors.

Community & Family

Hundreds of British children could be being trafficked, Barnardo's says
Sophisticated networks of older men may be grooming hundreds of British children to be trafficked within the UK for sexual exploitation, the charity Barnardo's believes.

Millions face 'fuel poverty'
Millions of British families will face the stark choice of eating or heating their homes this winter.

Life & Death

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms kill 13 anti-al-Qaeda Sunnis
Gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms shot dead 13 members of a Sunni tribe which backed the US fight against al-Qaeda, Iraqi officials said.

Ohio death row inmates to be executed with drug used to euthanise pets
Ohio’s death chamber is set to resume executions using a drug that has been used in the US to euthanise pets.

Race & Identity

UK apologises for forced migration of 150,000 children
It has been described as one of the crimes of the 20th century.

Comment: 'The British National party is right about one thing: the country is filling up'
I am not a fan of the BNP, honest. Nick Griffin, patron saint of the benighted and cross-eyed, is as about as high on my list of People To Hug Before I Die as Melanie Phillips or the Grimes twins are.

Crime & Justice

Iraq abuse was widespread, says convicted ex-soldier
The only soldier convicted over the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa today described widespread abuse of prisoners by British troops - including an officer.

Economy & Politics

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow backs MP's exes curb
MPs have been warned not to water down expenses reforms if they want to win back the public's trust.

People & Power

Labour candidate who described the Queen as 'vermin' and a 'parasite who milks the country' is forced to apologise
A Labour candidate has been forced to apologise after describing the Queen as 'vermin' and a 'parasite'.

Sex & Gender

Comment: People must be free to hold intolerant views about homosexuality
Ministers seem set on eroding yet another safeguard to our liberty, says Philip Johnston.

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