Press Roundup Wednesday 18 November 2009

By Press Office
November 18, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Ecology & Environment

Greenhouse gas emissions study highlights need for tighter national targets
Developing countries now emit more greenhouse gas than rich countries, according to a study that will intensify demands for all countries to set targets for cutting emissions.

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists
Global temperatures are on a path to rise by an average of 6C by the end of the century as CO2 emissions increase and the Earth's natural ability to absorb the gas declines, according to a major new study.

Great Barrier Reef 'will die' unless carbon emissions slashed
Australia's Great Barrier Reef will be severely bleached and eventually die unless the world's industrialised nations drastically cut carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent by 2050, a leading coral scientist has warned.

Comment: Climate change is like a disaster in slow motion
There now seems to be a growing disconnection between the message that scientists are sending out about climate change and the corresponding reaction of politicians and the public.

Comment: Copenhagen climate conference: more a planting than a burial
There is life yet in next month's climate talks, despite the doomsayers' doubts. But, says Geoffrey Lean, time is running out for Barack Obama to secure Senate backing for his offer of emission cuts.

Religion & Society

Christians 'would rather vote BNP than Labour', pastor claims
Christians would rather vote for the British National Party than Labour because they are so disillusioned with the Government’s discrimination against them, a pastor has claimed.

Radio 4 'God slot' will remain closed to atheists
The Today programme's Thought for the Day slot will remain closed to non-religious contributors after the BBC's governing body rejected accusations that it breaches editorial guidelines.

Church of England: don't use credit cards this Christmas
The Church of England has told shoppers not to use credit cards this Christmas if they want to avoid a "terrible New Year".

Christmas could be killed off by Harman's Equality Bill, bishops warn
Christmas celebrations could be banned under Harriet Harman's controversial Equality Bill, Roman Catholic bishops warned yesterday.

Comment: Theology's unintended consequences
In the tumult of events such as Hurricane Katrina, the niceties of the Catholic doctrine of 'double effect' can easily be lost.

Globalisation & Development

25 years after Live Aid, Ethiopia tries to cover up a new famine
It wasn’t famine that killed Jamal Ali’s mother. She died in a cholera outbreak that swept through their Ethiopian village when at last the rains came.

Robert Mugabe lashes out at food summit
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe lashed out at his 'enemies' at the World Food Summit despite thousands going hungry in his own country following his policy of seizing commercial farms.

Iran drops in corruption list amid calls for new urgency in the West
The new edition of a global "corruption index" has seen Iran fall into the bottom 10, ranking it one of the world's most crookedly run countries.

Comment: Aid we give to the Third World is more harmful than helpful
Despite record levels of foreign aid for health, almost no progress is being made in improving child mortality in the poorest parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Peace & War

Britain is 'ready' to send more troops
More British soldiers could be sent to Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban filling any “vacuum”, the Foreign Secretary said yesterday.

US 'dismayed' by Israel's new settlements in Jerusalem
The White House has said it is dismayed by Israel's decision to build new settler homes in Jerusalem saying it makes it harder to kick-start the peace talks.

Comment: Obama gives us an Afghan escape route
The phrase 'exit strategy', with its overtones of defeat, has been almost taboo in the Government's pronouncements on Afghanistan until now.

Face down the militarists and get out of Afghanistan. No strings attached
Obama must call time on the Afghan war. Retreat can be spun as victory. But it can't be conditional on impossible objectives.

Education & Culture

Mixed-sex schools can 'crush' girls' ambition, says leading headmistress
Girls who go to mixed schools can have their ambition crushed, leading them to be held back in male-dominated professions, a headmistress warned yesterday.

Lessons to stamp out extremism in schools
Schoolchildren are being asked to debate whether “all white people are fascists” as part of classes to combat violent extremism.

Children get legal right to good education
Children will be legally guaranteed the right to a good education under new legislation that teachers fear will descend into a “whingers’ charter”.

Crime & Justice

'We did it to avenge our fallen comrades'
A former soldier who had kept his silence for six years broke ranks yesterday to accuse his superior officer and former comrades of the brutal beating and torture of Iraqi prisoners which ended in the killing of an Iraqi civilian.

Former SS officer, now 90, stands trial for the murder of 57 Jewish labourers in 1945
A 90-year-old former member of the Nazi's SS has been charged with 58 counts of murder for the 1945 killings of Jewish forced labourers in Austria, authorities said this afternoon.

Race & Identity

Afghan 'convert' wins right to stay in Britain
An Afghan asylum seeker who arrived in the UK aboard a hijacked jet has won the right to stay in the country after converting to Christianity – arguing he could be executed because of his new religion if he returned home.

Sex & Gender

Plans to legalise cohabiting couples are anti-women and degrade relationships, says peer
New rules to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who get married “retard the emancipation of women” and degrade relationships, according to the chairman of the Bar Standards Board.

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