Press Roundup Thursday 26 November 2009

By Press Office
November 26, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Ecology & Environment

Obama pledges 17% emissions cuts as poll shows 30% of Americans don't believe in global warming
The United States will pledge to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 17 per cent by 2020 at a U.N. climate change meeting in December, the White House has announced.

Climate change will lead to civil wars in Africa, says research
The march of climate change could make civil wars much more likely, research suggests, with models predicting nearly 400,000 extra deaths in African conflicts by 2030.

Copenhagen conference: Fears China may downgrade emissions target
Europe and the US are concerned that China may soon set a carbon target that marks a step back from its current efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

GM crop sceptics 'emotional', Government food watchdog report claims
Public opposition to genetically modified food is based on “emotion” rather than “reason”, a Food Standards Agency report which will help shape future Government policy claims.

Comment: I might not know the truth about climate change, but I recognise trickery and slippery excuses when I see them
One of the charges often made by climate change sceptics about climate change believers is that they sometimes manipulate statistics. The believers say exactly the same thing about the sceptics.

Religion & Society

Christianity: Poirot star David Suchet says religion is being sidelined
Poirot star David Suchet has warned that Christianity in Britain is being pushed out by other religions.

Sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland was covered up for decades, report says
Widespread child sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Dublin was covered up for decades by senior clerics, a damning report will say.

Outrage as 200,000 animals are slaughtered to honour Hindu goddess
Animal welfare protesters have staged mass demonstrations as thousands of Hindus gathered at a temple in southern Nepal for a ceremony involving the slaughter of more than 200,000 animals.

British nun who was dragged before the Inquisition to be placed on the road to sainthood
A British nun who was dragged before the Inquisition for trying to promote women's rights 300 years before the Suffragettes is to be put on the road to sainthood by the Pope.

Comment: Can a Muslim say happy Christmas to his friends?
Such questions are at the heart of a debate between the forces of Islamic intolerance and a group of scholars touring Britain with a message of moderation.

Crime & Justice

Tories say they will order an inquiry into UK torture collusion
The Tories are poised to order an inquiry into allegations of British complicity in torture if they win power.

Generals deny torture accusation
Two of Canada's former military chiefs denied they ignored evidence that prisoners handed over to Afghanistan's intelligence service were tortured.

Cambodia Khmer Rouge trial: Duch 'should serve 40 years'
Comrade Duch, the former Khmer Rouge prison chief, should be jailed for 40 years, a prosecutor told Cambodia's UN-backed war crimes court yesterday.

Peace & War

Former PM Tony Blair 'told before war that Iraq had no nuclear arms'
Britain invaded Iraq just 10 days after ministers were told that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), an inquiry heard yesterday.

Israel offers to stop building in West Bank for 10 months in partial settlement freeze
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, bowed to US pressure on Wednesday and announced that no new Jewish homes would be built in the West Bank for the next 10 months.

UN peace mission fuelling violence in Congo, report says
The world's biggest UN peacekeeping mission has been branded a failure by experts who say it is fuelling a surge of murders and rapes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Economy & Politics

David Cameron and Tory pals to make £7million from inheritance tax changes if they get elected
David Cameron's closest Tory chums will make £7.1 million from his plans to slash inheritance tax for the super-rich.

Female? Black? Gay? All three? Then you're more likely to become an MP under controversial new plans
Controversial plans were unveiled yesterday to force political parties to make Parliament less white, male, middle-class and heterosexual.

Education & Culture

£113,000 is handed to ‘terror schools’
A storm erupted yesterday over claims £113,000 of taxpayers' cash was given to schools linked to a radical Islamic group.

'Gender equality' lessons plan for five-year-olds
Children as young as five could be taught about "gender equality" as part of a Government campaign to tackle domestic violence, it was announced today.

Sex & Gender

Honour based violence is biggest problem facing women
Children must be taught about the dangers of forced marriages, campaigners said yesterday as ministers were warned that honour-based violence is the biggest problem facing women.

Comment: Violence: let’s separate the men from the boys
Posters, T-shirts and education campaigns won’t do. Only robust child protection will break the cycle for boys – and girls.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: Time to kill off Doha
Pascal Lamy is wrong: the Doha round of talks offers nothing to the world's poorest countries. The WTO has failed to deliver.

Life & Death

Death toll in Philippines massacre rises
The death toll from a politically motivated massacre in the Philippines rose to 57 yesterday after 11 more bodies were discovered.

People & Power

Gordon Brown pledges to 'update' monarchy
Gordon Brown risked a new row with Buckingham Palace last night by pledging to press ahead with a massive overhaul of the monarchy.

Race & Identity

France 'national identity' debate
The French government is asking the nation what it means to be French, in what is being billed as a "Great Debate" against a backdrop of ethnic tension.

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