Press Roundup Wednesday 2 December 2009

By Press Office
December 2, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Ecology & Environment

Climate change rocked
The scientific consensus that mankind has caused climate change was rocked yesterday as a leading academic called it a “load of hot air underpinned by fraud”.

Tory raps 'crippling' green targets
A senior Tory has attacked the "fixation" of the green movement with imposing ever tougher targets for reducing carbon emissions, with potentially "crippling" costs for the economy.

New technology ‘must drive global carbon emissions cuts’
New technology including smart meters, “intelligent” electricity grids and teleconferencing systems could cut global carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20 per cent, according to the chairman of BP.

Melting Antarctic could cause Sea levels to rise twice as fast
Melting ice in the Antarctic could contribute to a 4.5 foot rise in sea levels within the lifetime of babies born today, scientists say.

Australia rejects emissions bill
Australia's Parliament has defeated legislation to set up a greenhouse gas emissions trading system.

Comment: Why this ferocious desire to impose hair-shirt policies?
As the dignitaries gather for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, dark clouds are gathering over environmental policies.

Comment: Beware global warming – and the lobbyists
It’s hard enough to persuade people how critical climate change is without hurricanes of hysteria and propaganda.

Peace & War

Obama troop surge to beat Taliban
Determined Barack Obama unleashed a massive military surge early today to finally win the Afghan war and help Our Boys on the front line.

Obama's pledge: they'll be home in three years
President Barack Obama last night unveiled his “endgame” strategy for the war in Afghanistan with a pledge to deploy an additional 30,000 US troops “at the fastest pace possible” with the goal of starting the process of withdrawal as soon as July 2011 – just eighteen months away.

David Miliband: UK forces will remain in Afghanistan for five more years
British forces will remain in Afghanistan for at least five more years to support Afghan troops in an "overwatch role", the foreign secretary, David Miliband, said today.

EU Palestine move enrages Israelis
Israel yesterday reacted angrily to a draft EU proposal for East Jerusalem to be a future Palestinian capital that allows the possibility of endorsing a unilaterally declared Palestinian state.

Comment: Obama's Afghan surge is not about winning the war, but managing our looming failure
The decision by President Obama to dispatch a further 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan represents the biggest gamble of his presidency.

Comment: Imposing idiot sanctions on Iran is a direct route to war
Britain has no interest in bullying Iran over nuclear proliferation. The very trap that led to Iraq and Afghanistan looms again.

Race & Identity

Ex-minister attacks Labour over soaring immigration
A leading Labour MP has launched a devastating attack on his own party’s failure to admit voters are right to be worried about soaring immigration.

Middle classes benefit from immigration, says John Denham
Middle-class people fail to understand the impact of immigration on poorer workers because they are “insulated” from competition for jobs, housing and public services, the Communities Secretary said last night.

Now Italy may follow Switzerland with referendum on Islamic minarets
Italy could be the next European country to consider a referendum on the building of Islamic minarets following the Swiss vote to ban the structures.

Comment: The Swiss ban makes me shudder
I can't help imagining how I would feel if the attitudes reflected in the minaret vote were directed at my own community.

Comment: Building intolerance in Switzerland
The Swiss minaret doesn't mean Muslims are persecuted, but it makes me worry for the Europe my son has been born into.

Crime & Justice

Rape in Afghanistan is a 'problem of profound proportions', says UN
Rape in Afghanistan is an under-reported, concealed human rights problem of 'profound proportions', the United Nations said today.

Judges rule against government over secret evidence in terror cases
Two men suspected of terrorism-related activities won a landmark high court battle today when judges ruled a person could not be denied bail solely on the basis of secret evidence.

Comment: We mustn't draw a line under crimes of the Holocaust
The glib suggestion that we should leave John Demjanjuk in peace because of his age or poor health is an affront to the Holocaust Survivors, writes Greville Janner.

Comment: Never, ever, believe that Demjanjuk is a ‘victim’
Some people claim that decent human beings can behave in an evil way just to conform. It is a pernicious argument.

Economy & Politics

Ministers force debate on voting reform
Ministers are preparing to force a parliamentary debate within months on scrapping the first-past-the-post voting system in an attempt to spell out dividing lines on the issue with the Tories.

Comment: Cameron must learn the dangers of tinkering with the constitution
Labour has not just hobbled the Union, but wrecked our whole system of government.

Globalisation & Development

South Africa turns new leaf on Aids
South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma, ushered in a "new era of openness" on HIV and Aids yesterday as he declared that drug therapy would be made available to all infected pregnant women and babies in the country.

'Too few funds' to rebuild Iraq, inquiry told
Britain’s role in the reconstruction of Iraq after the 2003 invasion suffered from shortages of funding and staff that hampered attempts to restore order, senior Foreign Office officials have said.

Religion & Society

Comment: Choosing for oneself
The values imparted by tradition, society and family make us what we are. They shouldn't be wiped away.

Comment: The religious right redux
Churches' influence on policy is as strong as ever, as debates over the place of abortion in Obama's healthcare reforms show.

Education & Culture

Primary school league tables 2009: faith schools dominate top places
Faith schools dominated a league table of the best primaries in England today, reignited the debate over admissions policies.

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