Press Roundup Thursday 3 December 2009

By Press Office
December 3, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Ecology & Environment

Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top scientist
The scientist who convinced the world to take notice of the looming danger of global warming says it would be better for the planet and for future generations if next week's Copenhagen climate change summit ended in collapse.

Firms sign up to climate statement
More than 850 companies have signed up to a communique to be presented to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, calling for UN talks in Copenhagen to secure a strong and effective climate deal.

Prince Charles' Rainforest Project wants £1billion given to developing countries in 2010
The Prince's Rainforest Project was set up two years ago to set out a practical plan to halt destruction of tropical woods.

Brazilian Amazon chief: The people destroying our forest are naive... not us
Every four seconds an area of rainforest the size of a football pitch is lost to loggers.

Comment: Don't hold your breath expecting climate change data to be revealed
I've been following the 'hacked emails' story - the climate change 'storm' - since it first broke. Those of us who follow websites like Climate Audit and other science oriented sites were not surprised. People who do, although they had no proof until now, knew something of the sort had had to be going on.

Comment: Climate change denial is the new article of faith for the far right
Despite a complete lack of evidence, the leaked emails hysteria has encouraged more deniers to emerge from the shadows.

Comment: Carbon trading is not enough to tackle climate change
Unambitious emissions caps provide no incentive for businesses to cut CO2 output.

Peace & War

'We're in Afghanistan for five more years': Army chief blows hole in Brown hopes of early exit
The head of the Army has delivered a rebuke to Gordon Brown and Barack Obama's hopes of an early exit from Afghanistan.

Barack Obama's friends and enemies hit out at Afghanistan withdrawal date
Barack Obama's new Afghanistan plan met widespread scepticism today from both Democrats and Republicans who challenged him over the troop escalation and the planned date for the start of withdrawal.

David Miliband 'to resume talks with Hizbollah'
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has earned a rebuke from Israel and risked the wrath of the United States after announcing that Britain would resume contact with Hizbollah, the Iranian-backed militant group based in Lebanon.

Religion & Society

Gays and transsexuals 'will never go to Heaven', cardinal says
The Roman Catholic Church still regards homosexuality as an “insult to God” and homosexuals and transsexuals will never go to Heaven, a leading cardinal said on Wednesday, prompting a rebuke from the Vatican.

Comment: Moving towards a united Christianity
Meetings between high-ranking Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic clergy signal that old schisms might soon be healed.

Comment: The dangers of a closed mind
I won't mince my words: there is such a thing as fanaticism, it is always wrong, and if you disagree you're wrong too.

Sex & Gender

Harman's equality law 'will hurt white male jobseekers'
White job applicants could be overlooked because of the colour of their skin under proposed equality laws, the Tories warned yesterday.

Gay marriage bill fails in New York
New York lawmakers rejected a bill today that would have made their state the sixth in America to allow gay marriage, disheartening advocates already stung by a similar decision by Maine voters just last month.

Comment: The equality bill is less than equal
By excluding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, the proposed legislation sadly fails to live up to its name.

Community & Family

Action on disability hate crimes
Local authorities that fail to protect disabled people from persistent harassment or anti-social behaviour will face legal action if they are found to be ignoring disability hate crimes, the Equality and Human Rights Commission will announce today.

Poverty increased before the recession, says study
Levels of poverty, unemployment and repossessions have all been on the rise since 2004, a report reveals.

Race & Identity

Israel accused of ethnic discrimination after stripping Palestinians of East Jerusalem residency
Israel has acknowledged stripping a record number of Palestinians of the right to live in East Jerusalem.

Comment: Can we have faith in Copenhagen?
There's a lot at stake in Copenhagen, and faith groups should be throwing all of their weight behind efforts to make it work.

Crime & Justice

Comment: Justice vs Mercy: the impossible conflict behind Demjanjuk's trial
The question is not whether he's guilty, but if justice is served by trying him now.

Economy & Politics

Exes shame MPs get pay docked
Greedy MPs who fail to pay back dodgy expenses will have their wages docked, it was revealed last night.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: The deal at the Doha Round that really could save the world
The focus on climate change has driven attention away from a far more vital issue, argues Edmund Conway.

People & Power

Brits freed
Five British sailors held for a week in Iran told of their joy last night after being set free.

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