Evangelicals and civil partnerships


Commenting on a recent statement from the Evangelical Alliance Ireland on civil partnerships, Simon Barrow, co-director of the religion and society think-tank Ekklesia, said:

"It is hugely significant that the Evangelical Alliance Ireland has come out in favour of legal recognition and protection for both same-sex and opposite-sex cohabiting relationships, while holding to its own moral code on sexuality.

"Similarly, the large evangelical service agency Faithworks in the UK backed the Sexual Orientation Regulations, and many Christians of strong biblical and evangelical convictions have spoken out recently over their changing attitudes in this area.

"Those who wish to deny common justice, a presence and a voice to those with whom they disagree over sexuality - inside and outside the churches - attract attention and claim to be a 'moral majority'. Where have we heard that before? The reality, however, is that beyond the ugly confrontations is a persistent and growing voice of thoughtful compassion, rooted deeply in the Christian tradition and scriptures. EAI has given it another important articulation."