Press Roundup Friday 18 December 2009

By Press Office
December 18, 2009

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

Irish bishop resigns after damning report criticises his handling of child sex abuse cases by Catholic priests
A bishop criticised for his handling of child sex abuse incidents by priests in the diocese of Dublin has resigned.

Prince of Wales praises 'dynamism' of British Muslims
The Prince of Wales has praised the ''energy, dynamism and selflessness'' of British Muslims.

Pope ‘won't stay at Buckingham Palace during UK visit’
The Pope has declined to stay at Buckingham Palace during his official visit to Britain next year, reports have claimed. Buckingham-Palace-during-UK-visit.html

'God was a hard act to follow': Catholics outraged as church billboard shows Joseph and Mary in bed
For some people Christmas remains a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but the virgin birth is one part of the Christmas story that can cause controversy, even within the church.

BBC treats religion like ‘rare species’ to be studied by Attenborough, says Church
The BBC risks treating religion like a “rare species” to be studied by David Attenborough, according to the Church of England.

Coke-snorting millionaire Rabbi who built 'synagogue of sin' walks free from court
A rabbi who lived a double life as a cocaine-addicted playboy walked free from court yesterday.

Comment: Williams, the illiberal archbishop
It is clumsy to link liberal caution about aspects of religion with the militant atheism that wants to mock faith in general.

Ecology & Environment

Leaked UN document shows deal could still lead to catastrophic global warming
A leaked UN document emerged that shows the current proposals for a deal at Copenhagen will ‘put at risk the very viability of our civilisation on Earth’.

China holds the world to ransom
China was under intense diplomatic pressure last night to abandon key demands which risk scuppering an international treaty on climate change in Copenhagen.

Obama joins push for climate deal
US President Barack Obama is joining world leaders in Copenhagen in a final push to secure a new deal on climate change amid growing optimism that an agreement can be reached.

Government departments cut CO2 emissions by 10%
The government estate emitted 10% less carbon dioxide in the last financial year than in 1999, according to a report published today.

Comment: If we fail in Copenhagen, it will be the poor who will suffer

Comment: Better to have no deal at Copenhagen than one that spells catastrophe
The only offer on the table in Copenhagen would condemn the developing world to poverty and suffering in perpetuity.

Peace & War

Doctors 'could commit offence' by failing to prioritise Armed Forces patients
Doctors could be committing an offence if they fail to prioritise Armed Forces patients under measures being considered by Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary.

Israeli MPs call for boycott of British goods
Israeli politicians have called for a boycott of British goods amid claims that new Government advice on labelling supermarket produce from the West Bank recalled the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

Obama and Medvedev set to meet over nuclear treaty in Copenhagen
The US and Russia are on the brink of a new arms control treaty that would reduce their strategic nuclear arsenals by at least one quarter.

CIA working with Palestinian security agents
Palestinian security agents who have been detaining and allegedly torturing supporters of the Islamist organisation Hamas in the West Bank have been working closely with the CIA, the Guardian has learned.

Comment: Israel may be a difficult ally – but its leaders are not 'war criminals'
The International Criminal Court Act must be amended to protect friendly politicians, argues Con Coughlin.

Comment: Opening up the peace process
Mahmoud Abbas says an Israel-Palestine deal could be reached in six months. But too many issues remain under the carpet.

Sex & Gender

Ugandan MPs debate Bill proposing death sentence for gay sex
MPs in Uganda will debate today a Bill that proposes the death sentence for gay sex under certain conditions.

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell quits as Green Party candidate after beatings cause brain damage
Outspoken gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell announced yesterday he is standing down as a Green Party candidate because of ‘brain injuries’ sustained in attacks during protests.

Stephen Gately civil partner complains to PCC about Jan Moir column
Andrew Cowles, the civil partner of Stephen Gately, has today formally complained to the press watchdog about the controversial Daily Mail column by Jan Moir about the pop star's death.

Comment: Gay execution 'debate' is a disgrace
The BBC is not being impartial by letting a homophobic Ugandan regime set its online agenda – it's providing a platform for hatred.

Comment: Be angry with Uganda, not the BBC
The BBC headline 'Should homosexuals face execution?' may be insensitive, but it has drawn attention to anti-gay legislation.

Comment: Evasive answers don't help
The short answer is that the Bible is anti-gay. But this doesn't necessarily mean what we take it to,

Race & Identity

UK border scheme could be illegal
A flagship Government scheme aimed at tracking all passenger movements into and out of the UK is likely to be ruled illegal, a committee of MPs has warned.

Immigration centre 'unacceptable'
Conditions for women and children at an immigration removal centre are "wholly unacceptable", a report has said.

Remembering invisible victims on 'International Migrants Day'
Few of the Central American migrants looking to escape to the United States are prepared for the horrors they will endure along the way.

People & Power

Comment: Prince Charles and the looming constitutional crisis
My doubts stem from the bombardment of letters to which he subjects ministers.

Comment: The influence of Prince Charles the lobbyist is out of hand
Our deference stops us asking questions.

Community & Family

Comment: It is not part of anyone’s culture to be abused
Tulay Goren’s death won’t be the last so long as misplaced cultural sensitivity stops us acting against forced marriages.

Crime & Justice

Ex-chief faces genocide charges
A tribunal has charged the Khmer Rouge's 78-year-old former head of state with genocide, adding new momentum to long-delayed trials against the brutal regime that ruled Cambodia 30 years ago.

Economy & Politics

Half of exes greed MPs refuse to pay
Shamed MPs were revolting last night - as almost half of those ordered to repay excess expenses said no.

Life & Death

US imposes fewer death penalties as DNA evidence see more people cleared
The number of death sentences imposed by US courts has fallen because of a growing number of exonerations through DNA testing, according to a report by a prominent anti-death penalty group.

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