Australia lights New Year sky with 'green' fireworks

By staff writers
January 1, 2010

An estimated 1.5 million people welcomed in 2010 around Sydney harbour, in what organisers call the biggest New Year's Eve show in the world - but one where great efforts had been made to emphasise green values.

The Australian government said that the celebrations across the country had been organised in "carbon responsible" ways.

And Fireworks Australia claimed it not only offsets its carbon footprint by buying carbon credits, it will similarly offset the emissions from tomorrow night's displays.

A spokesperson declared: "Fireworks are not high-carbon products, but everyone wants people to take responsibility for what they're doing so that's what we've done."

Not everyone is convinced, however. At least one blogger, Treehugger, spelled out the environmental impact of fireworks in vivid terms - though focusing on the USA. (

The 5 million dollar Australian display of fireworks in Sydney lasted several hours, and was launched from barges and rooftops.

A similar display in Melbourne was delayed due to lightning. The ABC reports that bad weather kept many at home.

There were also firework displays in Brisbane and Darwin, and record crowds at celebrations in Adelaide.

Countries across the world are trying to leave cares behind as they celebrate a new year and a new decade - in which major challenges such as global warming, war and poverty will continue to loom large.


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