Press Roundup Tuesday 5 January 2010

By Press Office
January 5, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Guardian.

Religion & Society

Comment: Will bullied clergy call the holy helpline?
A union is offering to assist victims in the vestry, but is it necessary, asks George Pitcher.

Comment: Prejudiced Danes provoke fanaticism
Publishing Kurt Westergaard's cartoons was an aggressive act born of Denmark's reluctance to respect religious belief.

Comment: Theology for atheists
Theology lets us talk about deep and irrational urges. This is seen by some atheists as weakness. But maybe it's a strength as well.

Comment: Faith-based initiatives
Real social democratic progress is being replaced by nebulous and inefficient private efforts, justified by faith.

Comment: Employed by God?
Are vicars getting a bad deal because their employer is legally God? Would they be better off with bishops?

Race & Identity

'British soldiers are like Nazis', says hate cleric
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary was accused last night of trying to spark a violent backlash against Muslims by insulting Britain’s fallen heroes in Afghanistan.

French minister defends national identity debate
The French government has claimed its attempts to define "national identity" have overwhelming public support despite accusations it has exploited xenophobic fears.

Islam group refuses to scrap march
Wootton Bassett is preparing to honour two more fallen British soldiers as a controversial Islamic group pressed ahead with plans for a march through the town.

Fears over influx of right-to-settle Gurkhas
Military charities voiced concern today over their ability to cope with the numbers of former Gurkhas coming to them for help.

Crime & Justice

Backlash fears as U.S. judge throws out case against Blackwater guards charged with killing 17 Iraqis
U.S. forces in Iraq were braced for a violent backlash yesterday after an American court threw out all charges against five security guards accused of gunning down 17 Iraqi civilians.

Comment: UK can't cover up abuse forever
The government wants to keep human rights abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan out of court by cutting legal aid. It won't succeed.

Ecology & Environment

Labour's green jobs 'are myth'
Labour's claim that Britain is benefiting from Government support for “green” jobs was exposed as a myth by industry yesterday.

We force flight vow from 'green' quango
The Government's green quango is reviewing its policy on flights after The Sun exposed how staff took 120 unnecessary short-haul trips.

Community & Family

David Cameron commits to marriage tax breaks in first Tory term
David Cameron has been forced to confirm that he would offer tax breaks for married couples if he wins the next election.

Economy & Politics

Comment: After this 60-year feeding frenzy, Earth itself has become disposable
Consumerism has, as Huxley feared, changed all of us – we'd rather hop to a brave new world than rein in our spending.

Education & Culture

Comment: Why private schools should be banned - written by a teacher
Education is always in the news - with the most recent debate concerning disadvantaged pupils and their luckier counterparts.

Peace & War

Comment: This war on terror is a joke
What would Jewish-American entertainer Tom Lehrer say about President Obama, who ordered two Cruise missile attacks on targets in Yemen? Now there's speculation that the attack prompted Al Qaeda to send the 23-year-old suicide bomber they trained, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, on the Detroit-bound jet..

People & Power

Tony Blair 'attacked by Prince Charles for role in Iraq war'
Tony Blair was attacked by Prince Charles for his role in the run up to the Iraq war, it was claimed yesterday.

Sex & Gender

Malawi gay wedding couple denied bail for 'own protection'
A court in Malawi today denied bail to two men arrested after becoming the first gay couple to marry in the conservative African country.

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