Press Roundup Friday 29 January 2010

By Press Office
January 29, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Peace & War

Blair to be grilled over Iraq war
Tony Blair will be grilled on why he took Britain to war with Iraq when he makes his highly-anticipated appearance before the inquiry into the conflict.

Brown promises handover to the Afghans by the end of the year
Gordon Brown has pledged that Afghans will start taking control of their own security by the end of the year as a new phase in the Afghan conflict is launched.

'British troops in Afghanistan for another decade'
British troops will have to stay in Afghanistan for another 10 years, it emerged on Thursday, undermining Gordon Brown's attempts to set a timetable for withdrawal.

Senate backs further Iran sanctions
The US Senate has voted to strengthen existing sanctions against Iran and impose new ones aimed at its fuel supplies as part of the US effort to dissuade Tehran from pursuing nuclear weapons and cracking down on internal dissent.

Comment: It was the war itself that was wrong
The truth is that Blair and Brown went to war because they thought it was easy.

Comment: Iraq is our Watergate. Blair must tell the truth
No more dissembling, no more lawyerly evasions. Today the public wants the former Prime Minister to admit his errors.

Religion & Society

Archbishop of Canterbury says world is a 'broken society'
It is not just Britain which suffers from a "broken society" but the whole world, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said from the heart of Wall Street.

Church of England bishops say EU is 'place for elites' that needs to 'reduce bureaucracy'
Senior Church of England bishops have made an unprecedented attack on the European Union, calling it an undemocratic and secretive bureaucracy that fails to understand the challenges facing the continent.

£10,000 grant for Christian police who believe prayer can cut crime
A Christian policing group which believes that the power of prayer can catch criminals and keep officers safe from harm has been awarded a £10,000 grant from the Home Office to widen its involvement with local church groups.

Comment: Church Commissioners defend losses and investing in Vedanta
How the Church Commissioners must wish that St Matthew had never reported in his Gospel the words of Jesus of Nazareth: “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.” As it is the Church does not have a prayer.

Comment: Muslims in the UK: beyond the hype
Our new centre for the study of Muslims in Europe will look past the fear-mongering headlines, to real lives.

Comment: Hear the rumble of Christian hypocrisy
The evangelist who says the Haiti earthquake is retribution for sin is at least true to his religion.

Community & Family

Divorce numbers fall to 35-year low
The number of divorces has dropped to a historic low, official figures showed yesterday.

Comment: Who wants equality if it means equal poverty?
It doesn’t matter that the gap between rich and poor is growing. What matters is that you can go from one to the other.

Ecology & Environment

Water vapour a 'major cause of global warming and cooling'
Climate scientists have overlooked a major cause of global warming and cooling, a new study reveals today.

Comment: Come on scientists, get your labs in order
The climate-change sceptics are on the march. And what is the scientific community doing? Burbling on about aliens.

Economy & Politics

Peers call for curb on PM's powers
The Prime Minister exercises too much unaccountable power and should be subject to tougher scrutiny, peers have said.

Pay and expenses: greedy MPs on £450,000 a year
Grasping Euro MPs will snatch even more money from hard-pressed British taxpayers after voting themselves a bonus which puts their pay and expenses package up to £450,000 a year.

Life & Death

Hanged at dawn: Iran executes two men arrested in presidential election unrest for 'waging war against God'
Two anti-government activists were executed in Iran today.

Rise in number dying by suicide
The number of people dying by suicide every year in the UK has gone up slightly after a decade in which the rate has fallen, according to the latest figures released today.

Race & Identity

BNP gets last chance to scrap whites-only policy
The British National Party was warned today that it had one last chance to scrap its whites-only membership policy or face a possible court injunction.

MP under fire over 'barbaric' migrants jibe
A Tory backbencher was in hot water yesterday after criticising “medieval and barbaric” attitudes to women that he said were held by some immigrants.

Crime & Justice

‘Ladettes' turn to violence
Record numbers of women are being arrested for violent crimes, bringing warnings of a growing “ladette” culture.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: A brave bishop defies Mugabe
The 11:30 service in Harare this Sunday will be an expression of humble courage in the face of thuggery.

Sex & Gender

Comment: Feminism shouldn't be exclusive
While Natasha Walter's book provides some genuine insight, its appeal is restricted to British, middle-class, heterosexual readers.

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