Blair sneaks in early

By Simon Barrow
January 29, 2010

The former British prime minister, Tony Blair, avoided the media by sneaking in early to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war this morning. He used the back entrance. Ekklesia's reporter Symon Hill went in at the front.

Indeed, I spotted him on a live relay heading in with the rest of the press pack. Symon is reporting live on Mr Blair's evidence to the inquiry. His first report (updated at 13:00) is here:

Among the recent developments is that Tony Blair has said that the 45-minute claim has "taken on far greater significance than it ever did at the time". Yet this was the 'deal breaker' he used openly in both the House of Commons and in the intense pressure that he applied privately to MPs, especially those who were known to be wavering on the advisability, necessity or legality of the war.

Truth is commonly said to be the first casualty in war. It is also a clear victim of the obfuscation that the prosecutors of war use in post-facto rationalisations.

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