Vote early, vote often!

By Mark Ross
February 10, 2010

The vote for the Power 2010 Pledge is still too close to call. There are only 12 days left - but the competition is fierce. Only the top five ideas will make it into the Pledge, and the race is far from secured - any of the 29 ideas to 'change politics for good' and challenge candidates of all parties could still make it to the top.

Thousands of votes are being cast every day. But only a few hundred now separates some of the ideas in the top five from those farther down the leaderboard.

Ideas like fixed-term parliaments and a written constitution could still fall out of the top five unless you vote for them. Meanwhile, giving local people the right to recall their MP and hold fresh elections, replacing the House of Lords with an elected upper chamber, strengthening local government, and many other ideas could yet make it into the Pledge - but only with your support.

Which idea do you prefer? Click here to cast what could turn out to be the deciding vote.

If you haven't participated so far, it's the perfect time for you to cast your first vote. Now that you can see which proposals have a realistic chance of making it into the Power 2010 Pledge, you can throw your support directly behind those that matter most to you.

You can vote for as many issues as you like - the only restriction is that you can't vote for the same proposal more than once. This campaign belongs to all of us. If we want change, it's up to us to organise and achieve it:

You can also sign up here to be more involved in the Power 2010 campaign in your community:


Mark Ross is Head of Campaigns at Power 2010.

Ekklesia is one of the active backers of the coalition.

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