Watching the traffic

By Press Office
February 22, 2010

As we approach the general election, we thought it would be fun to see how our site traffic has been doing in relation to other web sites over the last year.

Sadly, we have been having a lot of problems with Technorati which only picks up our research papers! (And so not things like our blogs or news). Some other blogging indicators are also causing a headache as we don't seem to be registering on them. However we ran our site through Compete, along with some other sites. We did some comparisons with some political sites: Harry's Place and PickledPolitics, some religious sites, Christian Today and Ship of Fools, and some thinktanks, Demos and IPPR, to see how we faired (not a competition, just interesting!).

We were pleased to see the results, although we are not sure how reliable the data are. Clearly, there is no indication of authority either. On Alexa we have a traffic rank of around 250,000. Last year on the main site (excluding subdomains) we had 622,220 unique visitors viewing 6,792,418 pages. (More updates when we get Technorati sorted!) If anyone can recommend other useful indicators we can use in the meantime, it would be much appreciated...

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