Children will lose out from High Court's adoption decision

By Symon Hill
March 17, 2010

Children will be the first to lose out as a result of today’s High Court decision.

The High Court has ruled that a particular adoption agency, Catholic Care, should be allowed to discriminate against same-sex couples in its placing of children.

This means that couples who could make excellent parents for a child desperately in need of a family home may be turned down because of their gender. The needs of the child will not be the priority.

The groups that support Catholic Care’s case have claimed that this is about religious liberty. This makes me angry, not because I don’t believe in religious liberty but because I am passionately committed to it.

It is vitally important that a faith group – or any other group or individual – has the right to believe that homosexuality is wrong. I will strongly defend the right to express this view, however much I disagree with it. But religious liberty does not involve the right to practise discrimination in the provision of services. The whole concept of religious liberty is cheapened when it is invoked in cases such as this.

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