Cross ban in Trafalgar Square

By Jonathan Bartley
March 30, 2010

The Mayor of London has ordered a ban on Christian crosses in Trafalgar Square.

OK, you got me, he hasn't. But it wouldn't surprise me if someone alleged it right now, because evidence and reason don't seem to be playing much of a part in such allegations these days.

This Friday, an estimated 25,000 people (can that many fit?) will be present to publicly watch the Passion staged with 150 actors, donkeys, horses, an artificial tomb – and a 51kg Jesus. Presumably there will also be a large cross involved somewhere.

It comes as a few conservative bishops lament the marginalisation of Christianity and even 'persecution' of Christians in public life. They also allege 'numerous dismissals' from employment on the basis of people's faith. This is all centred around a suggestion that a nurse is being unfairly treated for not being allowed to wear a cross visibly at work due to the hospital's jewellery policy (although she can wear it inside her clothing).

Michael Nazir-Ali, one of the bishops who signed the letter to the Sunday Telegraph also recently alleged as further evidence of Christian marginalisation that Good Friday processions might be refused permission.

I am wondering if someone should invite him to Trafalgar Square this Friday?

[Update 1st April: Riazat Butt at the Guardian has recorded a short video on the Guardian website all about the Trafalgar Square passion play: ]

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