Getting the Robin Hood Tax into party manifestos

By Simon Barrow
April 2, 2010

Robin Hood Tax campaign member organisations and supporters are writing to the three main party leaders (and those co-ordinating their manifestos) pressing them to back a small but vital tax on financial transactions - a dividend for social and environmental needs - in the forthcoming General Election.

The campaign (, which is backed by Ekklesia, is urging that the letters should be personally addressed (including a handwritten message) and should be sent as soon as possible - before manifestos are finalised. CEOs of the partner organisations are leading the way in this initiative.

The campaign wants to see manifesto commitments to secure internationally coordinated financial transaction taxes, and to implement within the first 100 days of office a unilateral transaction tax on sterling as a show of leadership and as a step towards an international agreement.

It is building on a palpable sense of public anger that banks are to blame for the crisis, yet still receive disproportionate rewards; and the feeling that it is only fair that they make a greater contribution to society and the wider world that their actions have disadvantaged.

The campaign represents an unprecedented coalition of UK anti-poverty groups, development agencies, environmental organisations, faith bodies and trade unions coming together to argue for a Robin Hood Tax, and in little over a month has won the support of more than a hundred thousand grass-roots acvtivists throughout the country.

The Robin Hood Tax ( is a tiny levy on financial transactions, starting at just 5p for every thousand pounds traded, which would raise billions to meet the challenges of poverty and climate change, both here and abroad.

Letters are being sent to:

· Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP - 020 7930 9572

· Rt Hon David Cameron MP - 020 7219 1506 (or by email to ?or

· Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP - 020 7219 0260 (or by email to

And they are being copied as appropriate to:

· Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP - 0300 068 5100 (or by email to

· George Osborne MP - 020 7219 6372 (or by email to or

· Danny Alexander MP - 020 7219 1438 (or by email to

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