A picture for Chris Grayling

By Jonathan Bartley
April 4, 2010

A topical picture and message for Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary, who is currently at the centre of a gay rights row, after he suggested bed and breakfast owners should have the right to ban homosexual couples.

The MP was caught on tape talking about whether a Christian B & B owner should be able to exclude a gay couple. He thinks they should apparently.

HT to Triston Wallace @triston who drew it to my attention here.

This is for you Chris and all the other people who think Jesus urged people to withold hospitality from (those that some consider) 'sinners':

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A picture for Chris Grayling

Nigel - I think perhaps the best evidence was Jesus on the cross, as they were banging the nails in: "Forgive them".

A Jesus who was not hospitable and generous to those that society often condemned and excluded, is not a Jesus I know I am afraid.

The best way to respond to the BNP is surely to show them that Christianity is hospitable to all (including migrants).

A picture for Chris Grayling


The problem with the current debate is in its enshrining of half truths to substantiate a position.

Jesus hung out with 12 guys - at least one of whom had a mother-in-law (work it out)and he was probably not alone the record does not say.

The prostitute? (Mary Magdaline was not) and the woman caught in adultary was told He did not condem her, "go your way and sin no more".

There is therefore actually a distinct lack of evidence to support the view of the placard holder. Is Jesus like any of us: A man without sin who loved so much he would give His life.

Now do Gay (and other groups) want equality or legal superiority? But, there should be protection against discrimination and victimisation.

Personally I believe in equality and that means for me too. I have the right to disagree with a behaviour and express my opinions. As should Chris Grayling and those who open their homes to pay their way in society with taxes to support those who make the laws that protect those who then use the law to force behaviour acceptance.

Without that right, where do anybody's rights really lie?

Or perhaps you would like to see the BNP have a larger share of the vote?

Grayling’s Gay Link

I see new face namely Chris Graylink
What is the story behind his gay link?

Is he passive or active? Manly or camp?
Oh no! He is straight-brained like rails of a tram

He says no Bed and Breakfasts for homo-sexy
Must be his mind is not very flexy

Has someone boarded him back in boarding school?
Or is he pretending an ignorant fool?

If not b&B then in the streets full of danger
Or maybe all gays should find a place in the manger?

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