Who are Cameron’s ‘Great Ignored’ ?

By Jonathan Bartley
April 6, 2010

Cameron’s opening salvo in the election campaign was about the ‘Great Ignored’.

At first glance, it may look like he is talking about marginalised, excluded and vulnerable groups. Listen more closely to what he actually said however, and it seems to be more of an appeal to ‘law-abiding’ middle England. [HT to @doctorcdf who points out that this is a remix of Nixon's 'silent majority']

It will become clearer, no doubt, as the ethics election progresses, what he means. However, some questions that we might legitimately ask are with regard to those whose will either unable to vote, or whose votes will simply not count:

- Does he mean prisoners who have no vote in this election?

- Does he mean asylum seekers?

- Does he mean those under the age of 18 who have no vote?

- Does he mean the millions of people who will vote for smaller parties and independents, who, because there is no proportional system of voting, will have no immediate voice in this election?

A further note of warning perhaps comes in that he ommitted the reference to 'gay and straight' from his speech?

One suspects that he is actually defining who is 'ignored' on his own, narrow terms. In other words, ignoring a whole lot of people, who are...er...ignored.

[Update: 18.29 Joe Walker (@JoeStreetAction) from Street Action also makes an important point, which I should have included above, and that is that the 'Great Ignored' also include those beyond our shores who have been marginalised by successive UK Governments. Read more here ]

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