BBC Today Programme stoking immigration debate?

By Jonathan Bartley
April 8, 2010

Those who want a sensible debate about migration would have been frustrated by The Today Programme stoking up the issues this morning when John Humphrys interviewed Gordon Brown.

This was the exchange:

Brown: “We’re getting more people back into work and therefore there are savings from people not ...

Humphrys: Foreigners actually, but there we are...”

Brown: John, I think that’s a bit unfair. Because..

Humphrys: “Well, 97 per cent of new jobs going to foreigners?”

Brown:“That is simply not the case. There are two and a half million more people in work in this country.

Humphrys: “That’s not the point. There are more people in work but half of them are foreigners, anyway...”

Brown: “John, I think you are going too far there. Because if you look at the numbers of people who have gone into work in the last few years, its young people going into jobs, it's the over 50s working longer, it's more women working, it's more single parents working.”

The figure Humphrys was quoting seems to have come from a story in the Daily Mail today which states: "Nearly every one of 1.67m jobs created since 1997 has gone to a foreigner" There was also a piece in the Express, which both came from the Spectator.

We have responded here:

Left Foot Forward has a very good rebuttal here:

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