Friday's 'ethics election' agenda and comment

By staff writers
April 9, 2010

7.00am Nick Clegg on GMTV

8.10am David Cameron on Radio 4 Today Programme

10.15am David Cameron and Boris Johnson at campaign event in West London

10.30am Gordon Brown speech at Labour campaign event

Gordon Brown's battle bus begins to make its way around the country

Nick Clegg returns to his constituency of Sheffield Hallam

David Cameron will visit a business in Aberdeen.

Brown will use a speech this evening on economy to reject claims that the bulk of tax rises could be avouded by 'efficiencies'.

Most MPs back in their constituencies after Parliament prorogued yesterday

You can follow the party leaders around the country today and see how narrow their focus is on a small number of 'marginal' constituencies, with the Electoral Reform Society:


Crime is expected to be top of Labour's agenda today. Watch out for the extent to which prisoners are part of Labour’s own ‘Great Ignored’ (although unlikely to be highlighted by Cameron). Neither leader is likely to visit a prison. Watch out for any talk of restorative justice, expected to be notable by its absence, compared to ‘retributive justice’ focusing first and foremost on punishment.

The Tories will talk about welfare reform and pay restraint following today’s announcement in the newspapers of a maximum wage for the public sector. Watch out for whether the case is made on the basis of ‘equality’ because the plans would only actually affect 200 people. Rather he will pitch it in terms of 'fairness'. Watch out too for questions about why such ethics/values and plans wouldn’t apply to the private sector as some have suggested they should.

The Lib Dems may respond to the call from Lord Adonis that they should vote in alliance with Labour to keep the Conservatives out. Nick Clegg due to give a speech calling for an end to charges levied by banks on customers who exceed their overdraft limits.

Every day Ekklesia will be setting out the election 'agenda' giving a slightly different take, in line with our 'ethics election' initiative. This will include highlighting what smaller parties are doing, some voices which are not being heard, and some issues which are not being highlighted. We will also draw attention to the values underlying the various positions. Check back as this is updated during the day

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