Ethics election poll watch: 'Other' vote still not being 'squeezed' according to YouGov

By Press Office
April 12, 2010

According to today’s YouGov tracker poll in The Sun (which seems to be the only poll out this morning) the Lib Dem and ‘Other’ vote still seems to be holding up well. Lib Dems are on 20 (+2) and Others on 12. Whilst a number in any given poll can easily be out by two points or so, it does suggest that the smaller parties are not getting squeezed in the election campaign so far.

The last YouGov poll for The Sun also had 'Others' and Lib Dems making small gains so the momentum certainly doesn't seem to be down.

The gap between Labour and the Tories has shrunk to six points with Conservatives on 37 (-3) and Labour on 31 (-1). The fieldwork was conducted over the weekend.

Ekklesia is reporting on the polls from a perspective in line with our 'ethics election' initiative. This will include specifically highlighting what's happening to the smaller parties and 'others' who often get ignored in the polls, but could be important in a balanced/ hung Parliament

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