Ethics election poll watch: Surge in polls for Lib Dems highlights injustice of electoral system

By Press Office
April 17, 2010

A YouGov poll for the Sun following the prime ministerial debates, gives a huge boost to the Lib Dems. It puts the Conservatives in first place, the Lib Dems in second and Labour third in terms of share of the vote:

• Conservative: 33 (-4)
• Liberal Democrat: 30 (+8)
• Labour: 28 (-3)
• Others: 9 (-1)

The first thing of note is that the Lib Dems are taking far more support away from the two other big parties than they are from the 'Other' category.

The second is that if translated into seats in the House of Commons, this would work as follows, according to the BBC:

• Labour 276 seats
• Conservatives 245 seats
• Lib Dems 100 seats
• Others 29 seats

So Labour, although coming third in terms of share of the vote, would actually get the most seats. The Lib Dems, whilst beating Labour in share of the vote, would get almost one third of the seats that Labour would win.

Ekklesia is reporting on the polls from a perspective in line with our 'ethics election' initiative. This will include specifically highlighting what's happening to the smaller parties and 'others' who often get ignored in the polls, but could be important in a balanced/ hung Parliament

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