English Democrats launch anti-immigration manifesto

By staff writers
April 17, 2010

The English Democrats have become the latest right-wing party to launch their manifesto, saying that they are the only party to stand up for specifically English interests. They are calling for the creation of an English Parliament, withdrawal from the European Union and opposition to immigration.

The last two policies are shared by a number of other right-wing parties, meaning that they are likely to take votes from each other.

The English Democrats have agreed with the Christian Party that they will not stand against each other, but they say that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) spurned their attempts to make a deal.

The party are standing in over 100 constituencies at the general election. Last year, they attracted around 250,000 votes in the European elections, putting them in seventh place in England.

“We urgently need a moderate party to campaign for English interests,” said the party's leader, Robin Tilbrook, “For referenda both on England coming out of the EU and also on establishing an English Parliament and government similar to the Scottish and Welsh ones”.

The party's approach is different to that of UKIP, who wish to shut down the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, restoring direct rule from London.

The English Democrats are also keen to distance themselves from racism and to oppose the British National Party (BNP).

“We are not just about one race,” insisted Tilbrook, “One of the reasons the BNP attack us is that we have non-white candidates. They are not about Englishness. Englishness is something in the heart, not something in the skin."

But the English Democrats may well be embarrassed by the views of some of their candidates. The party's candidate for Chippenham, Jon Maguire, last week wrote that to vote for the English Democrats is to “vote with God”.


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