Ethics election poll watch: Opposition to war in Afghanistan important in election (ComRes)

By Press Office
April 21, 2010

Some very interesting results about voter attitudes to the war in Afghanistan from last night’s ComRes poll for the Independent. It comes ahead of tomorrow’s prime ministerial TV debate on Foreign Policy.

Highlights of the poll:

- 70 per cent of voters feel they aren’t being offered any real choice on policies with regard to Afghanistan.

- Half don’t understand why Britain is still there

- Almost three quarters (72 per cent) believe the war is unwinnable.

- A third disagree that that the war will have little influence on the way they vote – including a higher proportion of young voters.

Amongst those intending to vote Lib Dem, the numbers change by about 4-6 per cent across the board, suggesting that Afghanistan is a significant factor in the Lib Dems winning support. It also suggests that a more radical position from Clegg in the TV debates, which distinguishes himself from the other two, could stand him in good stead.

Voters were asked to agree/ disagree with the following statements:

While it’s important, the war in Afghanistan won’t have much influence over how I will vote in the election

Agree 65 per cent
Disagree 31 per cent

Voters are not offered any real choice of policies on Afghanistan by the main parties

Agree 70 per cent
Disagree 19 per cent

I don’t really understand why Britain is still in Afghanistan

Agree 53 per cent
Disagree 42 per cent

The war in Aghanistan in unwinnable
Agree 72 per cent
Disagree 19 per cent

Full results and tables can be found here:

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