Press Roundup Thursday 22 April 2010

By Press Office
April 22, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private bank account
Nick Clegg received a series of payments from party donors directly into his private bank account, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Leaders square up for second debate
The leaders of the three major parties will go head-to-head in the second live televised debate of the General Election campaign.

Cameron: hung Parliament will risk economic disaster
A hung Parliament would threaten a sterling crisis, David Cameron warns today as he tries to wrest back the election initiative from Nick Clegg.

Hung parliament will put economy in danger warns Clarke
Kenneth Clarke warned yesterday that a hung Parliament would spark economic chaos and leave Britain in need of a bail-out from the International Monetary Fund.

Comment: The foreign in tonight's debate
It seems positively perverse to have the second debate between the political leaders on the issues of "Foreign Policy and Europe" when the subject has been barely mentioned in the campaign so far.

Comment: Dirty tricks of the real nasty party
The truth is that Nick Clegg is the leader of a profoundly dishonest party that is prepared to lie, cheat and on occasion issue outrageous smears on its opponents in order to win power. The LibDems are so determined to win votes that they even appear ready to take advantage of tragedies affecting opponents.

Comment: We get a raw deal – but the MPs don’t get it
When voters say they want change, they mean an end to a system which favours cheats – in banks or on benefits.

Globalisation & Development

Awarding of Brazilian dam contract prompts warning of bloodshed
Indigenous leaders in Brazil are warning of imminent violence after a successful tender for the rights to construct a giant hydro-electric plant in the Brazilian Amazon which opponents claim will wreak havoc on the rainforest and its inhabitants.

UN launches website tracking aid use in Haiti
The United Nations has launched a new website to track the estimated $9.9 billion in aid pledged to Haiti by the international community in the wake of a devastating January 12 earthquake.

Comment: Sanitation for all - but not for another 300 years
A new UN report shows that sanitation is falling behind in the aid stakes, even though it is vital to prevent diseases spread by poor hygiene killing children.

Comment: Our foreign aid target is absurd and outdated
The main parties are perversely sticking to a figure that never had any legitimacy.

Race & Identity

Nick Clegg's crazy immigration policy
Controversial Lib Dem plans to allow illegal immigrants to stay and work in Britain were exposed as madness yesterday as unemployment hit a 16-year high.

Belgium set to ban the burka and jail women for covering up
Belgium will vote today on whether to become the first European country to impose a full ban on wearing a burka.

Nicolas Sarkozy: ban the burkha
France is on the verge of banning the burkha.

Comment: We need a radical immigration policy
Despite debate about population growth figures, the problem of immigration in the UK is clear. The government must take action.

Religion & Society

Please forgive us: Catholic bishops’ deep sorrow for decades of child sex abuse
The leaders of the five million Roman Catholics in England and Wales will publish an unprecedented mea culpa today for child sex abuse.

Catholic Church will confront sex abuse scandal, Pope says
The Pope has pledged that the Catholic Church will take action to confront the clerical sex abuse scandal, in his first public remarks calling for change since the crisis erupted.

South Park duo warned over Mohammed
A radical Muslim group warned the creators of South Park that they could face violent retribution for depicting the prophet Mohammed in a bear suit during last week's episode.

Comment: Pride and wickedness
Embattled and arrogant to the last, a Colombian cardinal implicates Pope John Paul II in the cover-up.

Sex & Gender

Nepal to celebrate becoming first Asian nation to recognise gay marriages with same-sex unions on Mount Everest
Nepal is set to become the first Asian nation to allow same-sex marriages.

Conservatives to send homosexual MP on gay rights march
The most senior homosexual member of David Cameron's front bench team will be sent on a gay rights march in Poland to encourage the party's European Conservative allies to become less prejudiced.

Cameron urged to sack MP who questioned age of consent
David Cameron was urged to sack one of his frontbench team who said the age of consent for homosexuals should not have been lowered to 16 because it put teenage boys at "serious physical risk" and in danger of catching HIV.

Ecology & Environment

Biofuels cause four times more carbon emissions
Green fuels made from soy beans cause four times more climate-warming emissions than standard diesel or petrol, according to a European report into biofuels.

Education & Culture

Bishop fears loss of faith schools
A senior Roman Catholic bishop criticised the Liberal Democrats yesterday for an election pledge that could result in the abolition of religious schools.

Peace & War

Comment: An Israel-Palestine like no other nation
Progressive Zionists preparing for the failure of Obama's peace plan should start thinking about a new model of statehood.

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