Ethics election poll watch: Clegg seen as most honest in TV debate (ComRes)

By Press Office
April 22, 2010

A ComRes instant weighted poll of 2691 viewers of the Second TV prime ministerial debate has:

- Clegg winning by a narrow margin

- Clegg seen as the most honest in the debate

- Lib Dems edging ahead with regard to voting intention

- Brown the leader who exceeded most people's expectations

Results as follows with this weeks figures compared to last weeks in brackets:

Which party leader do you think won the debate tonight?

Brown 30% (20%)
Cameron 30% (26%)
Clegg 33% (43%)
None/DK (7%) (11%)

Which party would you vote for? (This week) (Last week)

Conservative 35% (36%)
Labour 24% (24%)
Lib Dem 36% (35%)
Other 5% (5%)

Which party leader do you think gave the most honest answers in the debate tonight?

Brown 23%
Cameron 29%
Clegg 43%
None/DK 5%

Which party leader, if any, do you think performed better than expected?

Brown 47%
Cameron 27%
Clegg 21%
None/DK 5%

ComRes interviewed 2691 GB adults on 22nd April by an automated telephone survey immediately after the Sky Leaders’ Debate. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults and weighted by past vote recall. Respondents were selected from a pre-recruited panel of people who agreed to be contacted by telephone following the leaders’ debates to give their views.

Ekklesia is reporting on the polls from a perspective in line with our 'ethics election' initiative. This will include specifically highlighting what's happening to the smaller parties and 'others' who often get ignored in the polls, but could be important in a balanced/ hung Parliament. We do not support or endorse betting on poll results.

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