Ethics election poll watch: Three main parties closer than ever

By Press Office
April 27, 2010

Three new polls out today show how close the race is now between the three biggest parties - with only 4- 5% between them.

A ComRes poll for ITV News and the Independent has:

Con 32%
LD 31%
Lab 28%

An ICM poll for the Guardian has:

Con 33%
LD 30%
Labour 28%

A YouGov poll for the Sun has:

Con 33%
LD 29%
Lab 28%

All point to a hung parliament with Labout possibly having the largest number of seats despite coming third in overall vote share.

Ekklesia is reporting on the polls from a perspective in line with our 'ethics election' initiative. This will include specifically highlighting what's happening to the smaller parties and 'others' who often get ignored in the polls, but could be important in a balanced/ hung Parliament. We do not support or endorse betting on poll results. We have also suggested that this election there is likely to be a significant disparity in the polls

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