Press Roundup Wednesday 28 April 2010

By Press Office
April 28, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

Main parties are blamed for conspiracy of silence on cuts
A damning indictment of the failure of all three political parties to tell the public the truth about the painful spending cuts that must follow the election has been issued by the nation's leading think-tank on the public finances, the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Labour steps up attacks on Liberal Democrats as polls point to hung parliament
Labour has ordered its party workers to launch an unprecedented assault on the Liberal Democrats amid mounting concern that their rise could kill Labour's prospects of retaining power.

Nick Clegg made £300,000 from house in Brussels after getting £140,000 from taxpayers
Nick Clegg has been accused of hypocrisy after it emerged that he made more than £312,000 profit when he sold his house in Brussels.

Vince Cable attacks Tory cuts 'cop out'
Liberal Democrat treasury spokesman Vince Cable launched an attack on Conservative tax and spending plans, branding them "fundamentally dishonest".

Speaker John Bercow warned over Parliament bar bill
The Speaker of the House of Commons has been formally warned for failing to pay his parliamentary restaurant and bar bill, documents leaked to The Daily Telegraph have disclosed.

Comment: The Lib Lab pact of 1977 was a disaster for Britain. It would be folly to repeat it
For younger voters the prospect of a coalition Government might indeed seem like a bold move towards "new politics" - although we are already getting a taste of how the focus would be on number crunching and deal breaking rather than on the policy issues that concern the British people.

Comment: The worst thing that can happen is a second general election
A hung parliament would allow all the parties to think again, argues Simon Heffer.

Comment: The voters are back in the game
The worst is that instead of courting us with promises the major parties have taken to threatening us instead.

Comment: The rural vote is being left to rot in the fields
Wake up and smell the bluebells – the countryside is just as important as the town.

Education & Culture

Conservative pledge 'segregates’ disabled children
David Cameron was confronted by a former Tory activist with his disabled son and accused of trying to “segregate” special needs children in his education policies.

Conservatives under fire amid claims school plan will exclude poor parents
Parents from poor neighbourhoods will be unable to set up their own schools – the Tories' flagship education policy – because they lack money and influential friends, a leading education lawyer has admitted.

Lib Dems target student vote with tuition fees warning
The Liberal Democrats will target the student vote by warning that tuition fees could rise to £7,000 a year under the Tories or Labour.

Tories vow to get tough on classroom discipline with new expulsion powers for heads and pupils forced to wear uniforms
The Tories today declare war on the ill-discipline plaguing Britain’s schools as they vow tough new powers for teachers, uniforms in the classroom and bigger fines for parents whose children play truant.

Religion & Society

Archbishop loses key aid in unity fight as Bishop of Durham retires
One of the Church of England's top bishops, the Bishop of Durham Dr Tom Wright, is to retire eight years early to return to academic life it emerged yesterday.

The Simpsons supports South Park writers in Mohammed censorship row
Creators of US cartoon The Simpsons have given a nod of support to rivals at South Park whose recent episode depicting the prophet Mohammed was censored.

Paddy Power betting firm sponsors church confession box
A Roman Catholic church confession box has been sponsored by a betting firm.

Comment: Muslim voters come of age
In this election, the Muslim vote will transcend religious and ethnic affinities – and traditional support for Labour.

Peace & War

Israeli soldiers given minor reprimands over shooting of Palestinian civilians
Israeli officers held responsible for the deaths of four Palestinians in the West Bank received only minor reprimands after an internal investigation concluded that the deaths could have been avoided.

Comment: Palestinian Prime Minister gives Obama hope of Middle East deal
Is this the first, slender success of President Obama’s Middle East strategy?

Sex & Gender

Conservative candidate says homosexuality is 'not normal'
The Conservatives' efforts to reach out to gay voters suffered a fresh set-back after a Conservative election candidate described homosexuality as "not normal".

Comment: Women have gone missing, and new sexists are dusting off old theories
If we want more female faces in culture and politics, we must reject the notion that women are 'different creatures'.

Community & Family

Comment: Could David Cameron's 'Big Society' really work?
Just ask the people of Wichita, Kansas, writes Tom Leonard.

Crime & Justice

Comment: Who's talking about torture in Iraq?
Not the Foreign Office – it wants to gloss over evidence of human rights abuses as much as it hyped them with Saddam.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: The truth about foreign aid that politicians won't admit
Despite unsustainable debt at home, all three main parties want to continue a foreign aid binge, writes Alec van Gelder.

People & Power

Comment: Omar al-Bashir's re-election in Sudan is a farce
The international community should not have permitted a man wanted for war crimes to retain power via a rigged poll.

Race & Identity

Comment: Let's revive the spirit of anti-racism
It is no surprise, more than 30 years later, to have it all but officially confirmed that the police caused the death of Blair Peach.

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