Press Roundup Thursday 29 April 2010

By Press Office
April 29, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Peace & War

Bishop criticises lack of military funding at soldier's funeral
A bishop has called for more funding and helicopters for the military while leading mourners at the funeral of a young British soldier killed in a gun battle in Afghanistan.

Peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders 'within weeks'
President Barack Obama's faltering diplomatic efforts in the Middle East have received a boost after the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships moved closer to launching indirect peace talks.

Jerusalem's mayor denies building has been halted
Jerusalem's firebrand mayor has vowed to speed up Jewish construction in Arab-dominated East Jerusalem in comments that could undermine hopes of a long-awaited breakthrough in the peace process.

Comment: Who's afraid of the nuclear bomb?
The debate over Trident has sparked differing reactions between the cold war and 9/11 generations – but why?

Economy & Politics

Nick Clegg faces toughest test in final TV debate
Nick Clegg faces his greatest test of the general election campaign tonight as he fights to maintain his personal surge in the final leaders' television debate amid a mixed picture for the Liberal Democrats in the polls.

Cameron to hammer out pact with unionists and smaller parties to avoid Lib Dem electoral reform
David Cameron is planning to thrash out a deal with the Ulster Unionists and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists if there is a hung parliament.

Comment: The truth is our greatest leaders would have failed in the TV debates
What is both frightening and disturbing is that these TV debates provide no real guide to a politician's capacity to govern. Glib fluency in front of the camera might win over TV viewers, but it is not an indicator of a politician's genuine stature.

Crime & Justice

Detainees tortured by Iraqi government in 'secret' prison
Hundreds of detainees rounded up in a security sweep by the Iraqi government were tortured and sexually humiliated, according to a report which threatens new harm to the reputation of the prime minister.

Conservative anger over Labour 'scaremongering'
Women would be less safe on the streets if the Tories win the election, Labour claimed yesterday.

Life & Death

Army will seek Hasan death penalty
Military prosecutors are to seek the death penalty against the US Army psychiatrist accused of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, a defence lawyer said.

China executes man who stabbed eight children to death in front of their parents in school bloodbath
A 41-year-old man who stabbed eight schoolchildren to death was executed in China today.

Race & Identity

How a granny exploded politicians' censorship of any election debate on mass immigration... and was demonised by Brown
It was the day that the great unspoken issue of the election - immigration - exploded in Gordon Brown's face.

Comment: If this woman's a bigot then I'm proud to be one too
What happened yesterday between Gillian Duffy and Gordon Brown in Rochdale does not merely mark a turning point in the General Election campaign.

People & Power

Comment: She was magnificent, she was eloquent. And she spoke, I suspect, for millions
Well, grunted Gordon Brown, 'that was a disaster'. He never spoke truer word. His ungallant slur on Gillian Duffy was indeed a misfortune. Possibly a calamity.

Sex & Gender

Comment: Feminism in politics needs to be serious
A debate between senior female politicians from the three major parties was welcome – but let's keep the personal out of politics.

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