Press Roundup Tuesday 11 May 2010

By Press Office
May 11, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

Brown to resign as Labour PM
Britain was last night facing rule by a “coalition of losers” as Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg edged towards a “sordid” political stitch-up.

How different voting systems would have affected the result
The alternative vote system would have had little effect on the outcome of the General Election, according to new analysis, with the Liberal Democrats gaining just an additional 22 seats.

Clegg tripped up by his own side as LibDem MPs refuse to back a deal with the Tories
Nick Clegg was at the mercy of his party last night after his MPs and officials refused to back a deal with the Tories.

Conservative MPs back referendum offer to Liberal Democrats
David Cameron won universal support tonight from his newly elected MPs for his offer to the Liberal Democrats to form the first coalition since the second world war with a referendum on electoral reform.

Comment: A dire day for British public life: Nick Clegg has severely damaged his own reputation - and that of politics in general
Until late afternoon yesterday it was hard to fault the way in which the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had conducted himself in recent weeks.

Comment: Gordon Brown clings on: a bleak day for British democracy
Telegraph View: The Liberal Democrats are holding the country to ransom while an unelected leader of the Labour Party remains Prime Minister.

Comment: A resignation that changes everything
Now that Brown has made his move the Lib Dems would be crazy not to take the chance it presents, rather than prop up a largely unreformed Conservative Party.

Comment: Lab-Lib – the only legitimate coalition
With Gordon Brown gone, Labour can forge a historic alliance of principle with the Liberal Democrats: if Nick Clegg has the fibre.

Comment: New politics? It stinks like a prop forward's jockstrap
It was a day, for the politicians, of scrabbling for alliances. For the rest of us it was a frustrating day of having gates and doors slammed in our faces, of being moved on by the cops, and effectively being told we were not adult enough to know of the discussions being held in the name of those votes we cast last week.

Comment: It’s a fight for power: purists v pragmatists
The kaleidoscope has been smashed – a monumental struggle is now under way within all three parties.

Peace & War

Karzai plea to US on Taliban talks
Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai is seeking US backing for faster negotiations with Taliban leaders who were in power during the September 11 attacks.

UN to begin partial withdrawal from DRC
The United Nations will pull 2,000 peacekeepers out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the end of June but propose that the remaining 20,000 leave only when security improves, France's ambassador to the DRC has said.

Iraq day of violence leaves 102 dead
Iraq has suffered its worst day of violence this year, leaving 102 people dead, in a series of coordinated attacks.

Ecology & Environment

Trafigura faces £105m legal bill over dumping of toxic waste
One of the world's biggest oil-trading companies is facing a record legal bill of more than £100m over the dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast.

People & Power

Israel bows to pressure and admits arrest of rights activist
The Israeli authorities finally revealed yesterday that they had been holding a prominent Israeli-Arab human rights activist for several days and had accused him of spying for Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrillas.

Religion & Society

Comment: Flexible faith
Religion needn't always be a brake on progress. In a recent court case, Hinduism has been used to justify liberal reform.

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