Press Roundup Wednesday 12 May 2010

By Press Office
May 12, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

Cameron forges coalition government
David Cameron will begin work today on putting together his historic new coalition government with the Liberal Democrats.

Comment: Let's face it, this coalition is a pantomime horse that's doomed to fail... but it's the only horse in town
Nick Clegg has climbed into bed with the Tories, whom most of his supporters hate, for a political price that is more than a pittance, but scarcely worth the price of their souls.

Comment: The political infighting won't be over until we have another election
Simon Heffer predicts that the coalition government will be unsatisfactory and short-lived.

Comment: Novelty won't sustain this alliance
David Cameron has always been a brilliant choreographer, and he will manage the Tory right and the Lib Dem left with attentive charm.

Comment: Coalition Government: can they make it work?
Gordon Brown has gone and we are now heading into near-virgin territory in British politics – a coalition government. Given its shaky start, how long can we expect this one to last?

Cameron’s daring will change politics for ever
A Tory partnership with the Liberal Democrats has wiped out the anti-Conservative majority at a stroke.

Comment: Electoral reform: on the side of angels
There's a strong Christian tradition of supporting electoral reform. Churches should be more vocal in supporting it now.

Religion & Society

Pope accepts that Church is to blame for clerical abuse
In his strongest statement yet on the global sex abuse scandal, Pope Benedict XVI has admitted that the Catholic Church itself should bear the brunt of the blame for failing to tackle paedophile priests.

Church of England voices fears over BBC cutbacks
The Church of England has expressed concern that the BBC's controversial strategic review could lead to less religious programming.

Church of England clergy asked to cut costs as recession takes toll
Clergy in the Church of England are being asked to cut their cloth to suit the economic times and to prepare for mergers and staff cuts that could drastically reduce pastoral care and worship.

Comment: Tories and the new evangelical right
Evangelical Christians are gaining influence over the Tory party. They have faith, numbers, money and an agenda.

Crime & Justice

Comment: Let's not reoffend on rehabilitation
Twenty years after the Strangeways riot, we still haven't learned the lessons of effective penal policy.

Ecology & Environment

Climate change could make half the world uninhabitable
Climate change could make half of the world uninhabitable for humans as a rise in temperature makes it too hot to survive, scientists have warned.

Race & Identity

France to target super-rich Muslim women who wear burkas to prove ban is not biased against the poor
Super-rich Muslim women who shop at luxury boutiques wearing black burkas are to be targeted by the French government in a clampdown on Islamic veils, it emerged today.

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