Press Roundup Monday 14 June 2010

By Press Office
June 14, 2010

Peace & War

Kyrgyzstan erupts into ethnic war
Kyrgyzstan was tonight in the grip of a bloody ethnic war after rioting that erupted four days ago in the southern city of Osh spread rapidly to other areas, with gun battles raging between Kyrgyz and Uzbek youths.

Lord Trimble to be foreign observer in Israel's 'independent' flotilla investigation
Lord Trimble, the Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner, will be a foreign observer in Israel’s “independent public commission” into its naval raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine activists were killed.

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials
American troops going home from Iraq after seven painful years are leaving behind a legacy that is literally toxic.

Comment: Gaza’s misery does not make Israel safer
Peace is impossible until the blockade is lifted and people can regain their dignity.

Religion & Society

Warring Anglicans removed from ecumenical faith group
The Archbishop of Canterbury has ruled that Anglican rebels can no longer join in interdenominational dialogue.

Pope Benedict XVI begs child abuse forgiveness
Pope Benedict XVI yesterday begged for "forgiveness from God" over the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic church.

Pope: 'priests are gifts to the world'
The Pope has described priests as "gifts to the world" - as it emerged that five clergymen had been suspended in Italy following allegations of sex abuse.

Comment: Even atheists should welcome Benedict's visit
Despite his uncuddly image, the pope has a message for believers and deniers alike.

Education & Culture

Teachers declare war on academies
Teachers will today declare war on the Government's plans for a massive boost to the academies programme.

Comment: Scientists playing God will save lives
In the age of oil disasters and climate change, we have more to risk if we don't let scientists such as Craig Venter redesign life.

Comment: An open door to religion in academies
The government's academies bill is likely to increase religious discrimination and privilege in our education system.

Globalisation & Development

Malaria charities use World Cup to highlight disease
Malaria charities are targeting the World Cup as a means of highlighting a disease that still claims a child's life every 30 seconds on the African continent.

Comment: Beyond the baby factory for women in the developing world
The burning issue on maternal health in the world's poorest countries is for women to take control of their own bodies.

Race & Identity

Asylum seekers' survey reveals most find UK 'welcoming'
The majority of refugees and asylum seekers feel the average person in Britain welcomes them, according to an opinion poll published today.

Tougher stance on immigration could have 'changed result of election', research shows
Thousand more voters could have switched to the Tories, potentially changing the result of the election, if the party had adopted a tougher stance on immigration, according to a poll.

Crime & Justice

Inquiry into disabled 'harassment'
An inquiry has been launched into measures taken by the police, schools, transport firms and other public bodies to stop disabled people being harassed or attacked.

Economy & Politics

MPs' expenses regulator quits for 'health's sake'
A senior official has left his job overseeing the new MPs' expenses system, saying he needs a break "for the sake of my health and sanity".

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