Press Roundup Wednesday 16 June 2010

By Press Office
June 16, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Religion & Society

Catholic Church launches guide to Pope’s visit amid ‘controversies’ fears
The Roman Catholic hierarchy has launched a PR campaign ahead of the Pope’s visit to Britain, amid fears that the public associates the Church with child abuse.

Religious believers’ rights are ignored
A leading theologian has claimed that other human rights consistently trump those of believers in legal cases.

Pilgrims besiege church to see 'blood' run from image of Christ
Thousands of pilgrims have overwhelmed a small church in Argentina after blood was said to be oozing down the face of an image of Jesus Christ.

Comment: The pope must keep saying sorry
The pope knows more than most about the horror and extent of the abuse scandals. He must carry on taking action.

Comment: If we care about free speech, let these Muslim speakers in
The coalition government should demonstrate its commitment to liberal values by allowing two Muslim speakers to enter the UK.

Ecology & Environment

Zero carbon vision sees UK as cleaner, greener and leaner within 20 years
It's 2030, only 20 years from now: you have driven to work, there is meat for dinner and you are considering taking your partner to India to visit family later in the year.

Obama vows to make 'reckless' BP pay for oil disaster, but also calls for an end to U.S. 'addiction to fossil fuels'
President Obama unleashed another fierce attack on BP in a prime time speech last night on the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Comment: Oil addiction is suicidal. It’s also pointless
BP’s real crime is wasting billions on risky exploration when new technologies are obviously the future.

Economy & Politics

Outrage over Nick Griffin's invite to Buckingham Palace
BNP leader Nick Griffin faced a public outcry yesterday after he was invited to one of the Queen’s garden parties.

MPs say expenses too complicated
The Commons authorities face mutiny today as MPs of all parties condemn their new expenses system as fiendishly complicated, bureaucratic and a waste of public money.

Comment: An end to the Commons's yah-boo days
Changes that empower backbenchers should refresh the House of Commons. Now let's raise the tone.

Peace & War

Kyrgyzstan violence: Uzbekistan closes border to refugees
Uzbekistan has closed its border to refugees fleeing the deadly violence in Kyrgyzstan, some of whom have accused government forces of helping armed gangs slaughter ethnic Uzbeks.

£8m: Britain's compensation bill for dead and injured Iraqis
The Government has paid off more than 1,000 innocent Iraqis hit by botched British military operations that resulted in deaths, injuries and major damage to property.

UN bid to end Sudan conflicts
The UN Security Council strongly backed efforts to achieve a peace agreement in Darfur by the end of this year and called for Sudan's Arab-dominated north and black African south to settle their disputes ahead of January's referendum on independence for the south.

Globalisation & Development

Comment: The UN's poverty-fighting programme lacks teeth
Countries behind schedule with their Millennium Development Goals will stay that way unless they're made accountable.

Comment: Afghanistan: a war on aid workers?
The suspension of two NGOs for evangelism in Afghanistan is symptomatic of a worrying rise in anti-aid worker feeling.

Race & Identity

Thousands of failed asylum seekers rely on charities for food, says Red Cross
Up to 20,000 failed asylum seekers are living in the UK in conditions of destitution, relying on charities for food, a Red Cross report will say today, criticising the government's asylum system as "shameful" and "inhumane".

Comment: We must extend the rights of asylum seekers in the modern world
The 1951 refugee convention was a response to the Holocaust; but the realities of the 21st century require a broader definition.

Community & Family

'Flawed' count system to be changed
The "flawed" system for counting rough sleepers will be changed, the Government said after the most recent survey found there were just 464 across the UK.

Life & Death

People trafficking protection measures slammed
Measures to protect victims of people smuggling are "not fit for purpose" and may be illegal, a report claimed today.

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